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  • AARB Advising Strategy Solution Path
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This solution path describes the broad steps the AARB follows to determine the next strategic initiative(s) that should be focused on to improve advising at UW-Madison.  It is currently a STRAW-MAN and very much a ROUGH DRAFT.  Feel free to comment and make suggestions but realize that this is no where near a 1.0 version yet.

Initiative Review Decision Path


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Initiative Review Path Resources and Discussion


StepResourcesDiscussion Points
1Advisor Core DiagramGroup Discussion - does the appropriate anchor diagram (Core Diagram, Lifecycle Map, Capability Map or other) been created? Is it appropriate for the area we are discussing? If so, does it need updating?
2Impact and Function AnalysisGroup Discussion - evaluate the core diagram "chiclets" and determine which areas require the most attention at the moment. This can be done via a simple survey asking which are most impactful/important and which are most broken/need the most attention. Those that are ranked highly in both categories are good candidates for more focus.
3Enterprise Business Object RepositoryGroup Decision and/or working group - what data and/or information supports the core diagram's chiclets? What are the sources? Where are there gaps? What is the security requirements? This work provides the foundation for any future development and grounds the future discussions in well-defined data and information terms.
4n/aGroup Discussion with Leadership - The AARB should determine which area(s) it will focus its efforts on. This discussion sets the scope and goals for the future work.
5n/aGroup or Leadership Decision - This work continues to scope the issues and picks work-items that are of the appropriate size for action. It also determines who should carry the work forward (AARB, a sub-team, another entity on campus).


Group, Leadership or Team Discussion

Using the information gathered and the analysis, instantiate the Project/Initiative Team. AARB may provide additional information or act a s resource to the follow on steps.

8New Initiative Decision PathGroup Review - AARB reviews the initiative periodically to make sure it is on track to meet the overarching goals.