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Problem Statement/Goals

Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs) are information entities that have broad applicability.  They are created by one process and used by many.   In order to manage our information better it is important to document these EBOs for the benefit of many groups including governance teams, subject matter experts, developers, and data administrators.  The challenge of doing this is threefold.  First, there is the challenge of capturing the information and representing it at a level that is useful to all those constituencies.  Second, there is the challenge of storing it in a format and on a repository that is accessible to these groups.  Third, there is the challenge of keeping the information up to date and synchronized with the logical models.

Background: EBOs, Processes and Stakeholders

Enterprise architects and subject matter experts have recently documented curricular EBOs to guide the modeling of information for the revision of the Curricular Hub and the development of the Course Roster Information Service (CRIS).  The EBOs include such entities as course, class section, class roster, instructor, and term.  At some point enterprise architecture will document EBOs from other domains such as Human Resources, Budget and Finance, and PersonHub. 

We document the EBOs at the conceptual level.  That is, it is independent of the implementation details.  The information is to be meaningful to both non-technical and technical audiences.    At this level, we capture the entity name and description,  its attributes, the source of the information, and the business processes that produce or use it. 

Domain architects, data administrators, DBAs and project team members maintain the logical models and document their implementation.    The logical level is more subject to change as different systems for presenting and manipulating the data are developed. 

A governance process is needed to manage changes to the EBOs, capture issues that emerge, and keep the EBOs in sync with their logical representation.

The solution
  • Jira: CHUB issues,
  • Jira: dev
  • Wiki - EBO defs
  •   javadoc
  •   xsl

Governance review to ensure alignment


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