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  • EBOs and Architecture Realms
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One way of dividing up the analysis process is to think of EBOs in each of the various architectural realms. What would you need to gather to describe an EBO sufficiently for a given realms? When EBO work is being doing done, it is being done for a given (set of) Architectural Realm(s) in the enterprise architecture. The information that you gather may differ for each realm. We want to taylor the work on the EBO for the given realm but we want to make sure that work will be useful across all realms.

The EBO definition will be complete when it fulfills the needs of all realms.

Enterprise Business Objects (EBOs)are related to several different domains. This section describes the relationship between EBOs and the various domains. Once the relationships are documented, we can develop a set of attributes that should be gathered to describe each EBO. These attributes should meet the needs of the EBO work for each domain. They might also suggest a template and process for gathering EBOs

EBOs and Business Intelligence Domain

Both the business processes that are discovered and the EBO definition would be of interest to the Business Intelligence (BI) work. The Business Intelligence work would also be interested in the system of record for the EBO and the interface(s) where the EBO is exposed.

EBOs and Identity and Access Management Domain

The IAM work would be interested in those EBOs that carry or require Identity data. This domain would also be interested in the system of record, the business process(s) that require the EBO and the interface(s) where the EBO is exposed.

EBOs and Service Oriented Architecture

SOA, as an architectural style, supports the EBO work. A SOA style architecture pushes for exposure of data as enterprise meaningful / technology neutral business objects (i.e. as a standard XML schema rather than a proprietary data format).

SOA as delivered as Web Services or RESTful services is interested in the data elements that make up a full EBO, the source system and the business processes / consumers of the EBO.

EBOs and Strategic Planning

The list of EBOs and their business processes are key input into the development of the core diagram for the enterprise. The source systems and the consumers are also input into the core diagram as well as into the governance processes that surround strategic planning.