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(01/26/2018 update: We are currently updating and reorganizing our content.  Thank you for your patience.)

Welcome to the UW Enterprise Architect wiki.


About Enterprise Architecture

  • Who we are : Steve Devoti, Jonathan "J.J." Du Chateau, Keith Hazelton, Melissa Tran (Director)
  • Our Services
    • Communication - bridging the gaps between groups and projects
    • Facilitation - of meetings and requirements gathering projects
    • Analysis - of business need, use cases, technical fit, best practices, impacts
    • Business - business capabilities, process modeling and requirements analysis
    • Future Planning - roadmaps, strategic planning and trend watching
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The Architecture Engagement



An architecture engagement can have several end points.  Architects can be engaged to help scope an issue or interest area.  Deliverables from scoping including the scope of the problem, key stakeholders and their concerns, a list of those who should be engaged to further the work.   Architects can go on to Level-Set the understanding of the issue or area.  Maturity Models, Standards and Definitions, Current and Future State models or designs are deliverables from this portion of the engagement.  The work can proceed to Roadmap development.  A strategic plan and or roadmaps at a variety of levels from Technical to Strategic are delivered in this phase.  Finally, Architects can continue to work through an implementation delivering details design and use case documents. Each step may be an end-point in the engagement or a precursor to the next steps.  

To learn more about an architecture engagement, see the Architecture Engagement Process document page.