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  • Meeting - 02132009- 1030 - noon - Computer Science 3139C
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Steve D., Keith H., Joe T., David P., Mitch L., Rob K., Pam A., Rick K., Peter K., Jon M., Kim A., Eric A.


  • IAM Project Update - Keith H. and Pam A. (presentation attached).

Ron.  What's the status of getting more academic representation on the IMLG.

ACTION Item: Pam will report back to ACT on the framework for revisiting and prioritizing Madison IAM projects.

  • Where should we meet?
    • From Kim: "Also, we do have a room here at our new building (333 East Campus Mall) that seats 22 and is fully equipped with a projection system. We could schedule this for these meetings if needed."
  • Anything else?
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