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  • Meeting - 10102008- 1030 - noon - 21 N. Park St. Room 7045
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Steve D., Rhonda T., Mike M., Pam A., Kim A., Brad S., Jon M., Keith H., Jim Drews, Chris T., David P., Linda P., Joe T., Brenda S., Ty L.,


APR ACT Presentation

The Administrative Redesign Project (APR) is a campus-wide effort to improve the efficiency of administrative processes. There are four process teams with members from multiple campus departments working on this effort (IT, HR, Sponsored Programs, and Business Services). Members from each team have attended Lean Six Sigma process improvement training and are now working on formal process improvement projects. Team members from IT and HR are working on three projects to speed up and improve IT access for new hires, transferring employees, and terminating employees. Although the teams are moving forward with their projects in the current environment, it is possible that using the Oracle IAM software would be beneficial and perhaps more appropriate. During the meeting, we'd like to summarize the three process improvement proposals and obtain feedback from ACT on whether these projects would be good candidates to pilot using the Oracle IAM product.

1. Improving NetID and core IT system access to new hires - Rhonda Thompson, Brenda Spychalla and Pam Allen

2. Improving how IT system access is provided to employees when they transfer to different jobs- Chuck Miller

3. Removing employee access to systems that use the three character login when employment is terminated. (Rhonda Thompson and Chuck Miller on behalf of Darin Harris and Peter Kaufman)

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