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TEL Grant 2009-2010

This grant is an extension of the TEL Bio Grant 2008-2009. It takes the tool created, enhances it, and adds capability. In addition, it extends the use beyond the Introbio 151-152 course. This grant is a collaboration with the College of Engineering. See the "Child" page, "TEL 2009-10" below.

Biology 151-152 TEL Grant 2008/2009

This is a wiki workspace for the Biology 151 TEL Grant project.

Instructor-participants for Fall semester 2008
See page with the attachments of syllabi for the dates when lecturers are teaching

151, 11:00 Simon Gilroy (Cell), Vijay Setaluri (Genetics), David Baum (Evol/Div)-- Lecture 1 (Coordinator: Brian Parks)
151, 12:05 Nihal Ahmad (Cell), Linda Graham (Genetics), (Lee- not participating in TEL)-- Lecture 2 (Coordinator: Carlos Peralta)
152, 1:20 Dean Nardelli (Animal Phys), (Edgar Spalding (Plant)not participating in TEL), Monica Turner (Ecology)-- Lecture 1 (Coordinator: Kerry Martin)
152, 12:05 Miles Epstein (Animal), Doug Rouse (Plant), Robert Bohanan (Ecology)-- Lecture 2 (Coordinator: Cindee Giffen)

Instructor-participants for Spring semester 2009

151, 12:05 (Marisa Otegui (Cell) (not fully participating in TEL)), Vladimir Spiegelman (Genetics), Doug Rouse (Evol/Div)-- (Coordinators: Cindee Giffen and Kerry Martin)
152, 11:00 (Rick Vierstra (Plant) (not participating in TEL)), Dave Abbott (Animal), Tim Allen (Ecology)-- (Coordinator: Carlos Peralta)
152, 2:30 Eric Kruger (Plant), Dean Nardelli (Animal), Sara Hotchkiss (Ecology)-- (Coordinator: Brian Parks)

Project Coordination Team
Leadership: Bob Jeanne, Linda Graham, Eric Kruger, Lillian Tong
PA's: David Hatfield, Amber Robertson
Designer/Programmer: Bruce Barton
Assessment Consultant: Sarah Pfatteicher
Technology support for instructors/staff: Bruno Browning (instructions), Alan Wolf (DMC), Tom Tabone (CALS)
Student Data manager: Jean Heitz

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