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The Panasonic AGHMC-150P is a bit tricky to get into "PC Connect Mode" for transferring files to a computer, so here is a tutorial on how to do it. (If you really want to be fast, the easiest way to get files off the SD card is to just eject it and plug it into and SD card reader (like the ones in the sides of our monitors at the DMC).


Transferring Files via USB

  1. Turn on the Camera.
  2. Hold down the mode button until the camera switches to playback mode (the light will turn green)

  3. Push and hold down the Mode button again (for about 3 to 4 seconds) until the light moves under the "PC" and the LCD screen says "Check USB Cable"

  4. Insert the USB cable, get the files off the camera (the entire "PRIVATE" folder should be backed up). Wait for the files to transfer before moving on to the next step.

Formatting the SDHC Card

  1. Navigate to the "Card Functions" setting of the Menu.

  2. Make sure that the footage transferred successfully to the HDD/DSL scratch (play an .MTS in VLC AND check it in iMovie/FCP/Premiere) and then select "Format Card ->Yes." The card will now format (this could take 5 min or so). Once its completed, the camera is ready for checkout to the next client!

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