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About Enterprise Business Objects

  • This is the home of the Enterprise Business Object Repository.
  • Enterprise Business Objects are technology neutral descriptions of the information (data) needed to support a given business process or set of business processes. This document is to gather information about Enterprise Business Objects.
  • Of Note: An Enterprise Business Object is not the same as the physical data model for the source system. The EBO definition should not be impacted by upgrades to systems. An EBO definition may point out gaps in the enterprise e.g. data where there is no enterprise source for the data element(s).

EBO Principles

  • The data represented in the EBO is understandable and usable in its delivered form.  In general, it does not require conversion from a "machine meaningful form" into a "human readable form".
  • An EBO should be a complete answer to a business data need regardless of source or gaps in the data.


  • See the Instructor Data FAQ about when instructor data gets assigned to the sections
  • See the EBO Template page for an example of showing the elements of an EBO
  • Here is a business process model that shows the governance and management business process for EBOs:  EBO Governance Business Process
  • Here is a Data Consumer Lifecycle document thatdescribe the issues and artifacts that surround the whole lifecycle of a data consumer. The Data Consumer Lifecycle document describes the issues and concerns of various constituents across the whole lifecycle and the various artifacts that address the issues.  It gives you some reference for how the EBOs would be used by the various groups:

EBO Uses

  • See the Curricular EBO Use Case page and the Advising EBO Use Cases for Use Cases for EBOs. Use Cases help the EBO Governance Group determine the needed EBOs.
  • The EBO Stakeholder Value Page lists the Stakeholders, their tasks or goals and role of the EBO in helping accomplish that task or goal. The Stakeholder Value analysis helps the EBO Governance Group determine the correct fields for the EBO Template.

Current EBOs (expand groupings by clicking on >)

Other EBO Related Information:

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