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Acccessibility/Usability Assessment Tools Requirements Team

Note: The ATR team has finished. See ATR Recommendations for the teams final report. See below for    team history.
For ongoing activity, see Accessibility/Usability Tools Purchase and Implementation Team (ITAccessTP)



Recent documents:

Related Documents:

Background documents:

ATR RecommendationsATR References

Web Accessibility Policy (2001)




Ongoing See ITAccessTP History, ITAccessCG History and Policy:ITAccess History for futher activity.
12/14/12 (info)ITC presentation. See:
12/06/12ATR Meeting 2012-12-06. Prep for ITC meeting.
11/20/12(info)MTAG presenation. See:
11/15/12ATR Meetign 2012-11-15. Prep for MTAG, ITC meetings. Charter Discussion. See also: ITAccessTP Meeting 2012-11-15.
11/01/12ATR Meeting 2012-11-01. Finished Coordinating Group charter. Prep for MTAG and ITC meetings.
10/31/12IT Policy Forum 2012-10. Presented recommendations and announced follow up teams.
10/11/12Created ATR pages under ITAccess wiki. See also ITAccessCG, ITAccessTP.
10/18/12ATR Meeting 2012-10-18. Finished Tools charter. Discussed Coordinating Group charter. Prep for forum.
10/04/12ATR Meeting 2012-10-04. Created ITAccess policy initiative wiki pages. 
09/27/12 ATR Meeting 2012-09-27. ATR Meeting. Discussed charters for follow teams.
09/17/12ATR Meeting 2012-09-17 (Sponsors). Presented Recommendations to the sponsors.


ATR Meeting 2012-09-13. Prep for meeting with sponsors. Merged Requirements with Recommendations. Finished Recommendations.

08/30/12ATR Meeting 2012-08-30.
08/16/12ATR Meeting 2012-08-16. Finished requirements.
08/02/12ATR Meeting 2012-08-02.
07/19/12ATR Meeting 2012-07-19. Requirements mostly built. Started building recommendations. 
07/05/12ATR Meeting 2012-07-05.
06/21/12ATR Meeting 2012-06-21. Started building requirements.
06/07/12ATR Meeting 2012-06-07. Final review of  charter. Review of Goals Discussion.
05/17/12 ATR Meeting 2012-05-17. Definitions. Usability. Goals Discussion.
04/25/12ATR Meeting 2012-04-25. First Meeting.

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