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  • ATR Meeting 2012-04-25
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Agenda – Accessibility/Usability Assessment Tool Requirements, Review and Recommendations Team (ATR)


April 25, 2012 – 10:00-11:00 Union South



Team members: Judy Caruso, Chris Arndt, Lee Conrad, Gary DeClute, John Graham, Dan Jacobsohn, Ryan Kirk, Carrie Nelson, Vince Rose, Casey Schacher, Todd Schwanke, Eric Simons, Jennifer Sutherland, Joyce Tikalsky, Phyllis Triege, Peter Weill


Agenda OK.


  1. Meet and greet



  1. Review charter and make updates

See changes to charter

  1. Review what is currently occurring and has been done in the past
  • DoIT has 15,000 web pages. Needs a tool.
  • Reviews of HiSoftware and SoftSite (handout)
  • CIC CIO web accessibility group
  • IT Strategic plan include web accessibility


  1. Decide on meeting schedule and next steps

For next meeting:

  • Discuss goals of assessing web accessibility.
    • Organize as broad goals and more specific sub-goals.
    • Decide which to work on.
  • Bring copies of the campus policy
  • Accessibility and usability are not synonymous.
    • Ask Phyllis to define “accessibility” and “usability”.
    • May want to delete references to “usability” in the charter.


Meet every two weeks.  Next meeting,  May 17, 10:00-11:00 Union S. (location tentative) Create an email list for easy communications with the team.

  1. Other? Some thoughts for future reference
  • Scope is “anything that comes through a browser”
    • includes applications as well a web pages
    • mobile devices (will need to call on expertise for this)
    • PDF’s
  • Break scope down into cases and prioritize. The campus policy may be helpful for this.

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