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  • Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project
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Project description

The purpose of the Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I project is to have a small number of UW-Madison and UW System units help the university explore and document how to effectively and efficiently integrate Web accessibility into a unit's Web development and publishing processes. Some departments already successful approaches in place. Other options can be discovered or developed. The goal is to present a range of successful techniques to other UW-Madison units so they can adapt them to fit their unique business needs.


When building web applications, websites, and publishing content, the best approach is to build accessibility into the development and publishing process. Discovering after the fact that further improvement is necessary is the least efficient and least effective way to make applications and content accessible.  It is much more efficient and effective to "get it right, from the beginning." Please see,, and


Participation in Phase I is open to any UW System campus or campus unit. Please share your experience and your ideas. Units already participating include at UW-Madison: Business School, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Division of Continuing Studies (DCS), Division of Information Technology (DoIT), Libraries, McBurney Disability Resources Center, and School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH). Please contact us if you are interested.


Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I is a self-governing community coordinated by the Accessibility Coordianting Group.  Interested units volunteer to participate in the project. Each unit has one or more representatives on the Coordinating Group. The Coordinating Group guides the project through collaborative decision-making.


  • Policy, Standards, Priorities, and Guidelines

The UW-Madison World Wide Web Accessibility Policy sets the standard and priorities for all web resources used for UW-Madison business. Additional guidelines and priorities for implementing the standard are at: Web Accessibility Guidelines. These enable a unit to identify the web pages or resources that are most critical, and prioritize the work so the most important accessibility features get the most attention.

  • Resources

DoIT publishes guidelines, resources and other general documentation on web accessibility at:

  • Coordinating Group documents


Please address questions or comments to

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