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  • Coordinating Group Leads Team 2017-05-09
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- Direction of Coordinating Group - 
How can we best to support Cathy as ADA Coordinator & Compliance Officer in implementing IT Accessibility in all areas of campus? Thoughts?

Action Items:
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
- Peer Review Proposal needs - 
a.) designees from the committee to attend when proposal is presented:
  • Peter Weil
  • Todd Schwanke
b.) SMEs to invite once proposal is approved:
  • Bill Welsh, Rutgers
  • Todd Weissenberger, Iowa
  • Nate Evans, Michigan State
c.) Is there anything else you need on this Cathy?

- IT Accessibility Chief Officer / Director Proposal needs - Start building PVL?
a.) Will reach out to ITAC to survey the following questions:
  • What are interview questions you would ask an IT Accessibility Director?
  • What are requirements for the position you would recommend?
  • What are desired aspects of experience would you recommend for this position?
b.) Example PVLs in Box:
Is there anything else you want to know as discovery work for the PVL?

Cathy Trueba
Todd Schwanke
Peter Weil
Gary Declute
Phil Jochimsen
Sandi Arendalkowski
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