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  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-04-13
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Introductions? / Agenda additions?


1. Campus accessibility strategy - Cathy

Peer Review -

- Action Items / Subgroup needed?

Is there any other feedback for the proposal (see email from Cathy 4/10/2017)?  She plans to present the proposal to leadership next week.

Do you need anything else for the proposal?

  • What it means to have a structural review
  • What type of reporting do we need to be actionable.

What will we use the structural review and recommendations be used for:

-  Inform chief position once they come in.

- Help inform how we are using current HR resources on campus. Is there anything additionally we should be adding to current PDs?

- What are the patterns of problems and barriers that we need to sculpt training and remediation strategies around.


IT Accessibility Coordinator -

Because the position needs to have the access and freedom to have IT Accessibility authority over all of campus. We need a leadership role that is Director level, IT Accessibility Chief officer level. Coordinator is what other schools have however, at ITAC folks were wishing they had director roles instead of coordinator roles for their IT Accessibility leaders.

- Action Items / Subgroup needed?


Could we ban with other areas on campus that have low or single person compliance FTE resources to get more resources for all compliance areas on campus? 

Could we show primary gains in a way that could get more funding?

  • Cybersecurity
  • Diversity

Reach out to ITAC group and ask them:

  • What are interview questions you would ask an IT Accessibility Director?
  • What are requirements for the position you would recommend?
  • What are desired aspects of experience would you recommend for this position?


Choose 1 or 2 designees from the committee to attend the meeting with Cathy to present this proposal.

  • ?
  • ?



2. Karl Groves - Better By Design Conference Workshop - August 

Karl Groves is able to do a 1/2 or full-day workshop when he comes to Better By Design in August.

What topics are we interested in getting a training on?

Do we want this workshop to be open to Better By Design or just be for UW-Madison? 

Who is Karl Groves? (See below)

Information on Karl Groves

Karl Groves Presentations

Feedback to Phyllis by April 19th, if not earlier


Workshop ideas:

  • Recommended testing practices for determining accessibility (automated, manual)
  • What are the pros and cons of using different tools to accessibility test. How do these system technologies tend to test accessibility. Less about compliance and more about what ways of testing actually works to make things usably accessible.
  • How to get started with accessibility evaluation
  • How to evaluate campus for accessibility barriers and what structure should we put in place to be industry standard?
  • Implementing accessibility in your design and production process - how to get campus to do that
  • Talk about when accessibility fails, what is the impact? What are the actual pain points people are running into? What is the impact to the user.
  • What tools should we be testing with and how can we build a business case for campus to support those products?
  • Common accessibility fails and how to fix them.


Open to the public or UW-Madison only?

  • Potentially making it UW-Madison only so people can ask and be open about UW-Madison specific problems without being concerned of scrutiny.
  • Okay with public as well but some sessions be UW-Madison specific. 
  • Who should the target audience be?
    • Developers for technical
    • Helping newbies get familiar with and start pursuing accessibility on campus.


Can we send out a questionnaire to gauge knowledge of accessibility? Might be a good thing to ask that question of potential conference goes on going and gauge content that way. 

Other source:

Jared Spool - UX and Accessibility Fails

3. Automated Testing Tool - Phil

-Contract expiration date? Fall?

Expiration in August of 2017, need to initiate purchasing changes in July at the latest
Our contract allows for 2 additional years beyond the first 3 we will complete in fall 2017, these additional years are at market rates (aka: $5000 higher): $24,999/yr
We can choose to take these extra years one at a time, we are not required to lock in for both years.
Additional information: New pricing ($24,999) information became available after I had submitted my FY18 budget request for $19,999
Current source of funding for AMP is the SALT Team, which is funded by a DoIT indirect revenue, and internal, DoIT-only 12% tax.
Funding by campus may be the most appropriate long-term source if we continue with this product, and potentially buy additional modules (ex: for API integration or SSB University Accessibility online training)

- Are there other vendors we are interested in?

- Action Items: Should we re-up for another 2 years? If not, should we form a subgroup to review vendor options.

Answer - We want to wait for the IT Accessibility Director / Chief to choose a new tool. Renew for 1 year pending a discount based on usability issues we've had that has slowed adoption on campus.


Brief Reports/Updates

  1. Showcase Poster - Phil
    17+ Visitors that were tested and gave us their info, results followed a bell curve, people were highly engaged - level of interest was very high,
    9 visitors indicated that they were interested in having a free, in-person testing session.


1. Accessibility Link & Complaint Triage

- Build complaint procedure for UW-Madison

- Get accommodation request / complaint friendly functionality on Get linked on all campus websites. See Coordinating Group Meeting 2016-01-14 for previous discussion. Tentative procedure for handling complaints - Outline of possible process

- Publish / Market / Train folks on new process


2. Enterprise-wide Automated Accessibility Testing - Sandi 

- Working on a draft strategy based on Audit Proposal meetings.

- Paused due to work on proposal. Will revisit following proposal work.


3. Accessibility Policy Revision based on Section 508 

- See Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-03-09 for previous discussion.

- Following Peer Review & Coordinator proposal acceptance, Gary will followup with Cathy to see if this project should be a logical next step.





McBurney Center, Graaskamp Rm

Todd Schwanke (Co-Chair)Peter Weil (Co-Chair)Gary De Clute (Policy Coordinator)   
Casey SchacherJamie GutkowskiSandi Arendalkowski (Facilitator)   
Haley KerkhoffAl NemecCathy Trueba (ADA Coord)   
Phil JochimsenJames Skemp    
Garrett Smith?     

Future meeting schedule

  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-09-11, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-09-28, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-10-12, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-10-26, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-11-09, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-11-23, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-12-14, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-12-28, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm (tentative) *
  • Coordinating Group Meetings

* Tentative meeting on Dec 28, between the holidays.


Other Resources

Team's Box folder (members only)
Team's Wiki page (public)

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