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  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-06-08
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Introductions? / Agenda additions?

General updates regarding direction of IT Accessibility on campus

  • Meeting with Cathy directly for strategic direction

  • IT Accessibility Director PVL

  • IT Accessibility Peer Review

    • Self Assessment Shell - UW Web Accessibility Design Sprint

    • UW-Madison Accessibility existing resources & support

Regarding the UW Web Accessibility Design Sprint

Solidify the meeting time and location.

Who wants to be involved?

Karl Groves workshop - A-Z of Accessibility 

Thursday August 17th 9 - 5pm before Better By Design.


Workshop will cover all aspects of accessibility testing and considerations.

Draft Summary
Software development groups often focus on coding to standards to achieve accessibility compliance. This is almost never enough. In addition, this focus can be costly to schedules and budgets. To be successful, accessibility must be an integral part of the development lifecycle, from management commitment, vision, and planning, through design and coding, to testing, documentation and delivery. The cornerstone of accessibility is understanding the needs of all users, including users with disabilities, and applying accessible user experience principles to meet their needs. In this workshop, The Paciello Group (TPG) will explore ways for integrating accessibility into software development. Whether you work in a large or small organization, follow an agile or waterfall process, are experienced or just starting out, this workshop will guide you toward reliably developing accessible and usable products. Drawing from TPG's work with financial institutions, IT companies, universities, government agencies, AT companies, and many others, in-depth walkthroughs of real client case studies will provide insights and lessons learned. Integrating accessibility relies on a diverse set of skills across the product-development spectrum, so this workshop is structured to be inclusive and engaging to all skill sets and levels. Your participation will be encouraged through group interaction and shared experiences as TPG explores the process of building not only an accessible software product, but a culture that sustains cost-effective, ongoing delivery of accessible products. Join TPG developers, user experience specialists, project managers, writers, and testers for a full day of exploring in depth how to integrate end-to-end accessibility into an organization's development workflow to ensure a positive experience for all users. Presenters Mike Paciello, Karl Groves, Henny Swan, Joshua Marshall, Leonie Watson, Steve Faulkner, Shane Paciello, Billy Gregory, Hans Hillen, and Patrick Lauke will share successes and lessons learned from past projects to ensure that all attendees, regardless of their practice or skill level, understand the roles they play in creating an accessible digital product.
Level of Workshop
Learning Objectives
Gain an in-depth understanding of how to integrate accessibility into every phase of product lifecycle: from planning to design, development, launch, and maintenance.
Gain a firm understanding of what’s expected from each stakeholder in a project and the role they play in ensuring a successful launch.
Learn how to cultivate an environment that encourages the creation of accessible applications and how to sustain it.

Erik Geiger has an article he's written for Tech News 

Covers things to look out for concerning web accessibility and wordpress for feedback.

Will also get passed to Cathy before getting published.




Future meeting schedule

  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-09-11, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-09-28, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-10-12, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-10-26, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-11-09, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-11-23, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-12-14, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-12-28, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm (tentative) *
  • Coordinating Group Meetings

* Tentative meeting on Dec 28, between the holidays.


Other Resources

Team's Box folder (members only)
Team's Wiki page (public)

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