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  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-07-13
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Campus Accessibility Progress so far...

  • $10,000 approved for Peer Review

  • $5,000 approved for Peer Review PM. Working towards $10,000 goal.

  • Preparation for Peer Review - June 16th Accessibility Strategy Sprint

    • Campus IT Accessibility Priority Framework 

      • First step - Peer Review on Web Accessibility

    • potential Web Accessibility Self Assessment Shell

  • We are drafting the IT Accessibility Director PVL and need your help


Next steps?

1. Give feedback on self assessment shell for the Peer Review focusing on Web Accessibility.

Here is the Google doc with the phased priorities
We created 2 tables to organize these priorities and support structures into phases. 
In preparation for the Peer Review Friday June 16th we had a Campus IT Accessibility Strategy sprint where we worked through campus accessibility priorities and reviewed a potential Self Assessment Shell for Web Accessibility. We worked on the priorities for campus accessibility as well as roughly categorized the priorities into phases. Our first phase is Web Accessibility as we think it impacts the largest group of people Web Accessibility. We plan on tackling this phase in the Peer Review. . With these notes. We are now evaluating the benchmarking and planning tool to use for our Self Assessment in preparation for the Peer Review.
How you can help?

If you would like to provide feedback in this process please comment in the google doc your thoughts and additions to the priorities tables, as well as feedback on the NCDAE Benchmarking and planning tool we are considering to use for our Self Assessment. We will be reviewing feedback and accumulating recommendations the week of 7/12/17.


Team: Small group who will review the tool.







2. Help edit the draft PVL for the IT Accessibility Director.

Cathy asked the Coordinating Group draft the IT Accessibility Director PVL to keep progress moving toward getting a position approved. In preparation for the Coordinating Group making a draft, we assembled 2 seed drafts to help get the work started.

We created a box folder with 2 starter version of the PVL:

IT Accessibility Director PVL V1 - Master compilation PVL of all the leadership level PVL examples from other schools.

IT Accessibility Director PVL V2 - A stab at a potential UW-Madison PVL that needs quite a bit of editing in order to be usable.

How can you help?

If you would like to help author this PVL, simply make edits to the existing V2 PVL or create a new PVL version. You are welcome to work off of these versions or start from scratch.

We hope to have an approved PVL draft completed by August.


Team: Review







3. Help us with a top-level campus website accessibility scan.

This work will be used to inform the web accessibility self assessment for the Peer Review and is meant to gauge overall level of web accessibility and common issue patterns for the Peer Review team to use in analyzing support needs.

How can you help?

If you would like to help by working on a campus scan, email Sandi at






Libby (consulting)

Nick (consulting)

4. Help coordinate Peer Review

This work will be done as the Self Assessment work is being completed. Scheduling, location and accommodations, and agenda focused on actionable/concrete output will all need to be done. As PM, Sandi is taking the lead on this but would appreciate assistance for input and logistics.

How can you help?

If you would like to help Sandi organize the Peer Review logistics, email Sandi at








5. Help us make sure the Web & Mobile Coordinating Group is representative of campus

We haven't reviewed the committee membership in quite sometime and now we need to because we are strategizing for campus and therefore we need to make sure the appropriate representation gets a seat at the table.

We would like to look at the committee membership and understand:

  • who is an active committee member
  • who wants to be on the committee
  • where might we be lacking campus representation that will be needed in the coming months


How can you help?

Form a subgroup that will look at the IT Accessibility Campus Priority Framework (

Map out the active members of the committee and what their representation area is. Register your subgroup with Todd and Peter.

Come up with the following recommendations:

  • Based on campus priorities in the framework, what representation areas are missing?
  • Based on representation, who do we recommend inviting to the committee? 
  • Of those we recommend inviting, what use would they be, or role would they play in sculpting a campus strategy? 







Presentation by Libby and Nick - What were the lessons learned during the OCR review and what have we learned from that experience.

Thank you so much for your participation in this committee, especially as campus work around IT Accessibility heats up. Join us at our next meeting on July 27, 2017!

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