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Web and Mobile Accessibility/Usability Coordinating Group

An ongoing group whose charge is to coordinate improvement of the accessibility/usability of UW-Madison web and mobile systems and services through implementation of accessibility tools; creation of best practices, standards, and shared-expertise; creation of training for developers and service providers; and measurement of accessibility of websites and mobile applications.

Sandi ArendalkowskiDoIT MarketingSteven BoldtDCSGary De CluteCIO Office
Brendon DybdahlHousingApril EbacherDoIT ADIRyan EngelLSS
Matt GoinsDoIT PTEAndy GoldsteinDoIT ATLaura GradyDoIT Marketing
Jamie GutkowskiDoIT ADIJohn HareDoIT EIS  
Jini JastiLaw SchoolHaley KerkhoffDCSAl NemecCALS
Jessie NemecLibraries

Casey Schacher

LibrariesTodd Schwanke, (co-chair)McBurney Center
James SkempBusinessGarrett SmithDoIT ATPhyllis TreigeDoIT Marketing
Nick WeaverUniv. MarketingPeter Weil (co-chair)Univ. Marketing  
Also attendingUnitAlso attendingUnitAlso attendingUnit
Phil JochimsenDoIT EISLee KonradLibraries  
vacant, (sponsor)CIO OfficeCathy Trueba, (sponsor)Office of Compliance  

Meeting Schedule

Coordinating Group Meetings 
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-09-11, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-09-28, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-10-12, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-10-26, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-11-09, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-11-23, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-12-14, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-12-28, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm (tentative) *
  • Coordinating Group Meetings

* Tentative meeting on Dec 28, between the holidays.



(tick)Milestones, (info)Items of particular interest



03/09/17Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-03-09. Discussed staffing, audit requirements, and policy strategy.
02/20/17The re-scheduled Feb Coordinating Group meeting. Discussed staffing proposal, audit proposal, team role, and team membership. Decided to meet twice a month for a while.
02/09/17Original date of the Feb full meeting of the team. Re-scheduled to 02/20/17.
02/02/17Planning meeting. Plan agenda of Feb full meeting of the team. Confirmed that we are re-scheduling from the Feb 9 to Feb 20.
01/12/17Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-01-12. Discuss goals for team, policy, staffing, short- and long-term strategy.
03/10/16ITAccessCG Meeting 2016-03-10. Brainstorm future direction and priorities of the team.
03/03/16Planning meeting. Discuss future direction.
02/11/16ITAccessCG Meeting 2016-02-11. Accessibility content & new site.
01/28/16ITAccessCG Meeting 2016-01-28. DoIT and CIO sites to migrate to New mobile friendly Drop in sessions.
01/14/16ITAccessCG Meeting 2016-01-14. Accessibility Accomodation Response Process. Next steps for "Getting it right, from the beginning".
12/17/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-12-17. Follow up on Post-production captioning RFP. Drop in sessions.
12/03/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-12-03. Post-production media captioning RFP. NFB Web Accessibility Training Day conference report. Accessibility Accomodation Response Process
11/05/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-11-05. Post-production media captioning RFP. Showcase Encore Brownbag Monday Nov 9th on DoIT Tools (TS). IT website changes and how that impacts placement of accessibility info. Drop-in sessions.
10/22/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-10-22. Development of work flows for "Getting it right, from the beginning"
10/01//15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-10-01. Development of work flows for "Getting it right, from the beginning"
09/17/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-09-17. Discussion of drop in sessions, AMP contract, AMP training video recording
08/06/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-08-06. Discussion if Unizin and Courseload accessibility, discussion of AMP for mobile, discussion of "Getting it Right the First Time - Documenting processes and best practices during Phase I"
07/23/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-07-23. Status of Web Accessibility Testing Tools service, discussion of Unizin website accessibility, finished planning for IT policy forum.
07/22/15Celebration of release of "Web Accessibility Testing Tools" service!
07/09/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-07-09. Status of Web Accessibility Testing Tools service, planning for IT policy forum, proposed updates to DoIT accessibility page.

Above this line, ITAccessCG (the Coordinating Group) was managing the Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project, in addition to other activities.
Below this line the Phase I Task Force (the Tools Team) was managing rollout of the "Web Accessibility Testing Tools" service.

07/01/15Release of "Web Accessibility Testing Tools" service!
06/25/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-06-25. DoIT accessibility page review. This date is also the last meeting of the Phase I Task Force.
06/11/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-06-11. Phase I Task Force transition. DoIT accessibility page review. August IT Policy Forum
05/28/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-05-28. Phase I Task Force transition. Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project page review.
05/14/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-05-14. Phase I Task Force transition. T&LS status. AMP training plan.
04/30/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-04-30. Phase I Task Force transition. T&LS status. Accessiblity Guidelines status. Peter Weil becomes a co-chair. Decision on Coordinating Group's future objectives and priorities. Staffing team status.
04/16/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-04-16. Phase I Task Force transition, inventory of actions needed. Captioning Contract status.
 Above this line, ITAccessCG (the Coordinating Group) was designing the Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project which replaced the Phased Implementation Plan. Below this line, the Phase I Task Force was managing the Phased Implementation Plan which included Phase I (hence the team's name.)

ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-04-02. Phase I Task Force mission change. Accessibility Guidelines review. March workshop follow up. T&LS status. Policy revision status.

03/05/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-03-05. Accessibility staffing follow up. Captioning contract status. Review of Web Accessibility Policy revisions.
02/19/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-02-19. Follow up for accessiblity staffing meeting with sponsors. Access Board rules changes and implications. Captioning Contract. March workshop plans. Accessibility Guidelines status. Compaint process revisions.
02/05/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-02-05. Staffing proposal status. March workshop status. Showcase status. T&LS status. Captioning contract planning. Complaint process discussion.
01/22/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-01-22. Project management for SALT team. Project management for Phase I Task Force. Accessibility Staffing proposal status.
01/08/15ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-01-08. Sandi Arendalkowski joins the team. Accessibility Staffing proposal status. ComETS annual meeting status. T&LS status. Review of draft complaint process.
12/18/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-12-18. T&LS planning. Many other status items.
12/04/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-12-04. Clarification of roles during Phase I. March workship planning. Disposition of options related to complaint process.
10/30/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-10-30. Review of accessibility guidelines concept and organization.
10/16/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-10-16.   Phased Implementation plan review, (Insertion of Phase 0 in which tools is prepared for roll out for Phase I.)  Accessibility Staffing proposal status.
10/02/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-10-02. Accessibility staffing proposal status. Accessing Higher Ground – decision to not host a virtual conference.
 Above this line, the Phase I Task Force (a new team) was managing the Phased Implementation Plan, including rollout of the purchased testing tool.
Below the lline, the Accessibility Tools Team was engaged in the purchase of an accessibility testing tool for UW-Madison.
09/18/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-09-18. Celebration of the purchase of the AMP!
09/04/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-09-04.
08/21/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-08-21.


ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-08-07 Joint Chairs.
07/31/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-07-31 Chairs.
07/24/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-07-24.
07/16/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-07-16 Chairs.
06/26/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-06-26.
06/17/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-06-17 Chairs.
06/12/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-06-12.


ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-06-03 Chairs.
05/29/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-05-29.

ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-05-27 Chairs.

05/22/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-05-22 Chairs.


ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-05-15.
05/09/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-05-09 Chairs.
05/01/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-05-01.
04/29/14(info) Todd Schwanke and Joyce Tikalski appointed as co-chairs. Todd's term thru end of calendar 2014. Joyce's term through end of 14/15 academic year.
04/17/14 ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-04-17. Joint meeting with the Accessibility Tools Team. Discussed roles of the two teams during tool rollout.
04/03/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-04-03.
04/02/14(info) Showcase poster session. See meetings 2014-02-20 thru 2014-04-03 for details.
03/20/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-03-20.
03/06/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-03-06.
02/25/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-02-25 Demo. Demo of "free tools". Invited TP's to attend. Participants did high level evaluation of the tools.
02/20/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-02-20.
02/06/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-02-06.
01/23/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-01-23.
01/09/14ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-01-09.
01/07/14 ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-01-07 PM (RFP) (Demo). All Coordinating Group members are invited.
01/07/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-01-07 AM (RFP) (Demo). All Coordinating Group members are invited.
01/06/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-01-06 (RFP) (Demo). All Coordinating Group members are invited.
12/1213ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-12-12.
11/20/13 IT Policy Forum 2013-11. Presented revised web accessibility policy.
11/14/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-11-14.
10/31/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-10-31.
10/24/13(info) Updated Web Accessibility policy published at (text version) and (pdf version).
10/02/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-10-03. Discussed results from the IT Policy Forum 2013-08.
09/19/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-09-19. Discussed where to publish updated policy, instructional materials spreadsheet/brochure, and blog outline.
08/22/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-08-22. Discussed instructional materials spreadsheet/brochure, and blog outline.
08/08/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-08-08. Reviewed results from forum discussion; more...
08/06/13 IT Policy Forum 2013-08. Forum emphasized web accessibility.
07/25/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-07-25. Final planning for IT Policy Forum 2013-08; more...
07/11/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-07-11. Detailed planning for IT Policy Forum 2013-08; more...
06/27/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-06-27. Communications. Preliminary planning for IT Policy Forum 2013-08.
06/13/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-06-13. Finished Communications plan.
05/30/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-05-30. Worked on communications plan.
05/16/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-05-16. Worked on communications plan.
05/02/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-05-02. Worked on communications plan.

ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-04-18. Revised draft based upon further discussion at this meeting.

04/12/13 Revised draft based upon discussion. See ITAccess Policy Drafts.
04/04/13 ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-04-04. Discussed Web Accessibility policy. See ITAccess Policy Drafts.
03/07/13 ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-03-07.
02/21/13 ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-02-21.
02/07/13 ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-02-07.
01/24/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-01-24.
01/14/13Conversion of Web accessibility policy into IT Policy format. See ITAccess Policy Drafts.
01/10/13ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-01-10. Decided to begin revision of web accessibilty policy.
12/14/12Organized the group's shared UW-Madison Google Apps folder.
12/13/12 ITAccessCG Meeting 2012-12-13. First meeting. Discussed charter.

Above this line is IT Access Coordinating Group (ITAccessCG) activity.  
Below this line is historical ATR team activity.

12/14/12 (info) ATR ITC presentation. See:
12/06/12ATR Meeting 2012-12-06. Prep for ITC meeting. 
11/20/12(info) ATR MTAG presentation. See:
11/15/12ATR Meeting 2012-11-15. Planning for MTAG and ITC meetings. Charter discussion. See also: ITAccessTP Meeting 2012-11-15.
11/01/12ATR Meeting 2012-11-01. Finished Coordinating Group charter. Prep for MTAG and ITC meetings.
10/31/12 IT Policy Forum 2012-10. Presented recommendations and announced follow up teams.
10/11/12Created ATR pages under ITAccess wiki. See also ITAccessCG, ITAccessTP.
10/18/12ATR Meeting 2012-10-18. Finished Tools charter. Discussed Coordinating Group charter. Prep for forum.
10/04/12ATR Meeting 2012-10-04. Created ITAccess policy initiative wiki pages. 
09/27/12 ATR Meeting 2012-09-27. ATR Meeting. Discussed charters for follow teams.
09/17/12 ATR Meeting 2012-09-17. Presented Recommendations to the sponsors.


ATR Meeting 2012-09-13. Prep for meeting with sponsors. Merged Requirements with Recommendations. Finished Recommendations.

08/30/12ATR Meeting 2012-08-30.
08/16/12 ATR Meeting 2012-08-16. Finished requirements.
08/02/12ATR Meeting 2012-08-02.
07/19/12ATR Meeting 2012-07-19. Requirements mostly built. Started building recommendations. 
07/05/12ATR Meeting 2012-07-05.
06/21/12ATR Meeting 2012-06-21. Started building requirements.
06/07/12ATR Meeting 2012-06-07. Final review of charter. Review of Goals Discussion.
05/17/12 ATR Meeting 2012-05-17. Definitions. Usability. Goals Discussion.
04/25/12 ATR Meeting 2012-04-25. First Meeting.



ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-06-03 Chairs

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