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  • ITAccessCG 2014-2015 event planning
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That is a great idea!  I’ll put it on our group’s agenda in May.

I would add to that list the November “Accessing Higher Ground” virtual conference venue. Last year we got started so late I barely had time to cobble something together. It was OK, but it didn’t feel ‘professional enough’.  It felt, ah…well…, a bit ‘cobbled together’.  This year we have plenty of warning and we can do a much better job.

The idea of doing a workshop of our own is also great! Should we get started by doing a Fall workshop in, say, October?




From:  Joyce
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:09 AM
To: Gary
Subject: itaccesscg events for next spring

Good morning, Gary. An idea that might simplify spring events:

Next year itaccesscg could have standing subcommittees for 4 spring events in 2015, and a draft list of volunteer members in advance.

The 4 events would be ComETS annual meeting, our own Web Usability/Accessibility Workshop, Showcase, and T&LS.

Subcommittees work well with 1-3 people, who can invite additional help as needed.

Members could be invited to sign up late fall, and we could add those short lists to the agendas along with the event names and dates we already use.

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