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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2012-12-13
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NOTES Agenda -  Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)




December 13, 11:00-12:00,  Union South


Team members:  x Judy Caruso, x Gary DeClute,  x John Graham, x Carrie Nelson, Casey Schacher, x Todd Schwanke, x Joyce Tikalsky,  Phyllis Treige,     Pe ter Weil.


  1. Review current charter draft (10/18/2012 version)


Updated the charter

Need to maybe recruit across campus. Judy will invite Mobile project mgt, Dave Schroeder.


  1. Report on discussion about UW-Madison’s Web Accessibility Policy at AUC meeting last week (Judy)


Judy reported that Lisa Rutherford just said to recommend the changes to her.


  1. Report on COMETS presentation

Small attendance but the slide deck will be shared with the entire group



  1. Brainstorm next activities/to-dos



  1. ITC on Friday 12/14 Rm 3139 ABC of Comp Sci building
  2. Next team meeting is Jan 10 11:00 US

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