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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-07-11
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Notes - Agenda -  Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)




July 11, 11:00-12:00,  at USouth


Team members:  Judy Caruso, Gary De Clute, Kathy Konicek, Carrie Nelson,  Casey Schacher,  Todd Schwanke, James Skemp, Joyce Tikalsky,  Phyllis Treige, Pe ter Weil.




  1.       Finish Planning for the IT Policy forum. At forum, extend an invitation for Accessibility Coordinating Group to visit depts./schools/colleges and invite people to join the list.


Action from the June 27 mtg:

a. Current forum agenda and invitation indicates that the brief accessibility presentation will cover:

  • Background
  • Current activities
  • Available tools

b. Need to provide both handout and links to the resources. We will encourage attendees to take multiple copies of the handouts, to share with faculty and others.

  • Copies of the Instructional Materials brochure – Joyce will review for accuracy before Judy has more copies printed
  • The one page checklist we previously used (for Web developers). We will review at next meeting.
  • Perhaps the checklist presented at the Open Accessibility Alliance Conference earlier this week. (This was the Iowa checklist – it is too detailed).

c. Joyce will send to the team a copy of the Iowa checklist presented at the Open Accessibility Conference earlier this week.

d. Need to develop the “roadshow”, so when we extend the invitation to visit depts we have something to show. We could also use the roadshow as the forum presentation, so that people know what they will be getting if they invite us.

e. Gary will send an special invitation to attend the forum to both the Tools Team and the Coordinating Team


Decisions at the July 11 mtg:


  1. Handouts: Instructional Materials brochure (Done?)

NOTES: Todd and Joyce will finish up the brochure. Todd has some changes to make.Followon- Carrie has been asked to review as well.

One page checklist – OK?

NOTES: Judy will bring to next meeting

  1. Presentation: Video (do we have one – short?)

Draft – review/update the PowerPoint

NOTES:Gary will make some updates and share with the group via email and we will finalize at the July 25 meeting. Gary will also draft PP that can be used for showing to various campus groups

  1. Other – Updates to the web accessibility website (can we do divide this up?)

NOTES: After the meeting, Judy talked with Phyllis about this. Phyllis has made some changes already and we will ask her again at the meeting if she needs any help.

  1. Discussion – what questions/what would be useful

NOTES: We came up with 3 questions:

  1. How is your department addressing the usability of your web presence?
  2. What are the perceived barriers to improving accessibility/usability in your unit?
  3. How can those barriers be lowered?
  1.   Discussion re. Kathy Konicek – Usability training


  1.       Review updated spread sheet (if needed).


Action: None


  1.       Review last meeting’s list of activities for the highest priority audiences  (40 min)

    Should we create subgroups to work on some of it?  (Judy  recommends we just pick a spot to begin, clean up the spreadsheet, create a plan of action for the next 6-12 months and tell the sponsors)



a. No decision yet on forming subgroups

b. See changes and action items below (i.e. those from the Jun 13 meeting)

From the June 13 and 27 mtgs: The group picked the following courses of action. The group did not decide whether or not break in subgroups for communications.

1. General awareness, across all audiences. Some ideas:

Share success stories via “Inside UW-Madison” electronic newsletter.

Articles in DoIT Tech News (e.g. when a tool is selected.)
Get CIO Communications involved (contact Laura Grady.)

Get University Communications involved (Bruce will need to discuss this with Amy and Tricia in order to get engagement.)

Share the link to the video of the CIO ’s speaking on the important of accessibility.

Update the DoIT accessibility web page s .  



a. Can we get some of he DoIT accessibility web pages updated in time for the Aug 6 forum? Could updating the DoIT accessibility pages be done by farming out a couple of pages to each member of the Coordinating Team?

b. Judy suggested that we divide up the DoIT Accessibility webpages and suggest updates. Is this a way we can break this down and get it done? We could also just go through it at a meeting.


2. Add to existing forums, (e.g. ComETS, IT Policy Forum…)

Create 10 minute “Roadshow” that we can take to such forums.

Would need to customize it to the audience in the some cases.



a. Presentation should include:

1. What is web accessibility and why is it important

2. How to get started (example: use FAE to scan your home page)

3. How we can help [who is we? the coordinating Team?]

b. May need multiple versions, for example:

  • for academic departments (perhaps a clip of a faculty member talking about the importance of making course-related web sites accessible.)
  • for technical people (perhaps a clip of a visually impaired person struggling with a web site that has accessibility issues.)
  • for administrative units (perhaps a clip of a university president talking about the importance of accessibility)

c. Gary will draft a presentation, leaving space for a 2-3 minute video clip. This might also become the forum presentation.

d. [who?] will search for video clips. We’ll evaluate which ones we like.

3. Re-invigorate the interest group: “UW-Madison Access

Find out who owns the list now.
Start posting short interesting messages.


Action: Gary will find out who owns the list, and make arrangements so that forum attendees can join.

4. Since ADA coordinator is now unassigned, it may be an opportunity to get it assigned to someone for whom is can be a larger portion of their job, or better yet, get the ADA coordinator a full time assistant.


Action: None determined.


  1. Next team meeting is July 25. 


For a copy of the Communications plan see:

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document AccessCoordinatingAgenda20130711.docx Jul 03, 2013 by GARY W DECLUTE
Microsoft Word Document AccessCoordinatingAgendaNOTES20130711.docx Jul 31, 2013 by GARY W DECLUTE

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