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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-08-08
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Agenda -  Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)




August 8, 11:00-12:00,  at USouth


Team members:   Judy Caruso,   Gary De Clute, Kathy Konicek,  Carrie Nelson,  Dan Nordstrom, Casey Schacher,  Todd Schwanke, James Skemp, X Joyce Tikalsky,  Phyllis Treige, Pe ter Weil.




1)          Review IT Policy forum.

  1. Handouts?
  2. Presentation and discussion- what feedback did we get?
  3. Are there any units that want presentations?



2)          Documentation that needs updating: 1. Instructional materials brochure 2. KB docs


3)          Usability training – can we have Kathy offer something? Is there anything out there?


4)          Review Gary’s email where he analyzed the campus web presence/policy links. What do we recommend?


5)          Review the PP for various audiences (i.e. Roadshow)


6)          Review updated spread sheet (if needed).



7)          Review list of activities for the highest priority audiences  (40 min)

8) Leftovers from previous meetings


3. Re-invigorate the interest group: “UW-Madison Access

Find out who owns the list now.
Start posting short interesting messages.


Action: Gary will find out who owns the list, and make arrangements so that forum attendees can join.

4. Since ADA coordinator is now unassigned, it may be an opportunity to get it assigned to someone for whom is can be a larger portion of their job, or better yet, get the ADA coordinator a full time assistant.


Action: None determined.


8)       Next team meeting is August 22. 


For a copy of the Communications plan see:

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