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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-08-22
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NOTES -  Agenda -  Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)




August  22, 11:00-12:00,  at USouth


Team members:  X Judy Caruso,   Gary De Clute, Kathy Konicek,  Carrie Nelson, X Dan Nordstrom, Casey Schacher,  Todd Schwanke, James Skemp, X Joyce Tikalsky,  Phyllis Treige, Pe ter Weil.




  1.       Discussed the Instructional materials spreadsheet.


NOTES: Joyce agreed to update the online version and then Judy will shorten for spreadsheet for publication and meet with Laura.


  1.       Discussed/designed framework for Bruce Maas blog entry and updating the instructional materials spreadsheet.


NOTES: Put together the following framework.


Blog framework – “meet the needs of our students, community; facts/figures; design our websites/apps for accessibility/usability from the beginning; here are some templates/resources; many UW-Madison websites are well done and here are some examples: great job!; more info available at and other resources”


TO – dos:

Dan-  put together a few facts/figures or we can use the ones from the PP slide of the policy forum

Joyce - update the online version of the accessibility spreadsheet - done

Judy – update the brochure spreadsheet based upon the new online version - done

Judy – meet with Laura re. brochure changes - done

Judy – ask Bruce if he is willing to write blog – answer is yes



  1. Next team meeting is Sept 5. 


For a copy of the Communications plan see:

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Microsoft Word Document AccessCoordinatingAgendaNOTES20130822.docx Sep 09, 2013 by GARY W DECLUTE

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