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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-09-19
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NOTES -  Agenda -  Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)




Sept 19,  11:00-12:00,  at USouth


Team members:   Judy Caruso,   Gary De Clute, Kathy Konicek,  Carrie Nelson,  Dan Nordstrom, Casey Schacher,  Todd Schwanke, James Skemp,  Joyce Tikalsky,  Phyllis Treige, Pe ter Weil.




  1.       Matt Goins will be replacing Kathy Konick on the committee.


  1.       Instructional materials spreadsheet/brochure.


Made some changes so that it should fit in the brochure format.



  1.       Policy update.


Made final changes. Judy will bring to Bruce/Cathy for publication.


  1.       Gary’s going to work on Bruce’s blog. Is this ok? Blog framework – “meet the needs of our students, community; facts/figures; design our websites/apps for accessibility/usability from the beginning; here are some templates/resources; many UW-Madison websites are well done and here are some examples: great job!; more info available at and other resources”



  1. Next team meeting is Oct 3



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