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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2013-10-31
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NOTES: Agenda -  Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)




Oct 31, 11:00-12:00, at Union South


Team members:  x Judy Caruso, x Gary De Clute, x Matt Goins, x Andy Goldstein, x Jessica Jones, x Carrie Nelson, x Dan Nordstrom, Casey Schacher, x  Todd Schwanke, x James Skemp,  Joyce Tikalsky,  Phyllis Treige, Pe ter Weil.




  1.       Liz Krznarich will be joining us. She is an AT staff member and would like to discuss with us the potential of SOCS (Student Online Course Support) students using our materials as part of their process in working with faculty, staff, and others in online course creation and delivery.


NOTES: We will give Liz copies of the “Creating and Selecting Accessible Instructional Materials” and other assistance if she needs it.


  1.       Accessing Higher Ground Virtual Conference. Preferred sessions?


NOTES: Mostly Track A was preferred.


  1.       Final instructional materials brochure – a few suggestions from Joyce.


NOTES: finalized. Sent to printer this week



  1.       Jessica Jones (DoIT Communications) and Andy Goldstein (DoIT – AT) have joined the team.


  1.       Policy has been published.


  1.       Last time we talked about at UW Communications article on the upcoming changes to Section 508. Let’s rethink.


NOTES: Group thought that this was newsworthy.


  1.       Gary’s going to work on Bruce’s blog. Is this ok? Blog framework – “meet the needs of our students, community; facts/figures; design our websites/apps for accessibility/usability from the beginning; here are some templates/resources; many UW-Madison websites are well done and here are some examples: great job!; more info available at and other resources”

NOTES: We updated the draft


  1.       Next team meeting is Nov 14 

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