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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-01-23
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NOTES - Agenda - Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)

Jan 23 11:00-12:00, at Union South


Team members:   x Judy Caruso, Steve Boldt, x Gary De Clute, x Matt Goins,  Andy Goldstein,  x Jessica Jones,   Carrie Nelson,  Dan Nordstrom, x Casey Schacher, x Todd Schwanke,   x James Skemp, x Joyce Tikalsky, x Phyllis Treige, Pe ter Weil.




  1.       From last meeting: Did anyone do any of this? Content Mgmt systems and accessible/usable web templates – WordPress, Open Text, Drupal. How can we help out here? Get the word out? (Judy and others)


NOTES: The team will evaluate the templates for the CMSs used on campus: Word Press, WiscWebCMS (OpenText), Drupal, conventional HTML, and UW Google Sites. Judy will prepare a spreadsheet and several folks will evaluate them using the FAE Firefox Extension. Joyce has done several already.


Next steps, after we evaluate the templates:

  • We will work with the owners of the templates that could use some improvement
  • UW Communications – we will work with them to include accessibility information whenever someone picks up and uses a template
  • Explore when someone gets a host master address – how can they get accessibility guidance? There are different rules for giving out addresses all over campus. There is delegated administration.


  1.       Quality Showcase poster – ?


NOTES: Agreed to do a hands-on poster. Poster looks like a leader board with title: How accessible is your website? And leader board entries down the side and a picture in the middle. As folks stop at the poster we assess the website of their choosing and the result is placed on the leader board. The “leader URLs” would be printed on a strip of paper and moved in the top 10 positions as more sites are evaluated. Judy talked with Laura and Laura will come to our next meeting to discuss.


  1.       Teaching and Learning Symposium – I think we should use the instructional materials brochure.


NOTES: Judy and Gary will submit a proposal on behalf of the team for the Teaching and Learning Symposium in May. It will be an accessibility workshop where we encourage participants to bring instructional materials and we will assess their accessibility and also assist the participants in making them more accessible.



  1.       On hold: We’ve been talking about at UW Communications article on the upcoming changes to Section 508. Let’s rethink. At the last meeting we talked about including history, Trace, Section 508a update, etc. Did we (UW) celebrate Trace’s 40 th anniversary? (Judy)


Notes: Judy will talk with Eileen Fitzgerald. She hasn’t done so


  1. See the OSU document. Should we update it for our use?


  1. Jessica mentions some items we deferred to this year. She will send them to Judy to include in future meetings.





Upcoming dates (per Joyce’s advice!):

April 2 – OQI Showcase

Schedule: Poster to DoIT Graphics 2/15 or so

     Poster to printer 3/15 or so

                           3/20 last day to submit poster idea to OQI

Teaching & learning symposium – May 19-20

Deadline for proposal Jan 24


Furture meetings:

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