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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-03-06
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Agenda - Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)

Mar 6, 11:00-12:00, at Union South

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Tools Team status
  3. Quality Showcase
    Showcase poster session is April 2 (Wednesday), 8-11 AM, Varsity Room, Union South

    Planning for Showcase?


    • We might not be able to present our poster session
    • Discussed strategy for getting it accepted.
    • Gary wrote a justification. Joyce will send some process improvement references. Laura will take the two forward for review.
  4. Content Management Templates – did we evaluate them? How would you like to proceed?

    • Results so far
    • Web and Mobile Accessibility/Usability Coordinating Group Strategies (draft)
    • Diagram: Organization of web accessibility guidelines and supporting material (draft)

      Discussion about what to do with the results
      Leads into discussion about strategies, use of the "check points", organization of guidelines and supporting material, etc.


    •  On evaluating content management templates:
      • Phyllis will offer to assist Dan on Drupal. 
      • Volunteers should send their results to Gary, who will enter them in to the spreadsheet.
    • On strategy:
      • Decided that we need to brainstorm "Resources to help developers and content providers to incorporate accesssibility into their existing processes"
    • On use of the checkpoints:
      • Decided that we need to discuss the checkpoints with the question: "Is this what we want developers and/or content providers who are 'getting started' to do?"
      • Jessica will draft the 'back page' or the checkpoints. We might use material from the introductory link at WEB AIM for justification of the importance of accessibility.
  5. Teaching and Learning Symposium – May 19-20
    Handout: TLS Proposal

    Action: Deferred to next meeting.

  6.  See the OSU document. Should we update it for our use?

    Handout: The original OSU version
    Action: Deferred to next meeting

Furture meetings:

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