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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-03-20
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Agenda - Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)

Mar 20, 11:00-12:00, at Union S., Forward (3rd floor)

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Tools Team status
    RFP continues. Also evaluating FAE Auditor Edition (prototype) (this is not part of the RFP). See ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-03-06, and ITAccessTP Meetings 2014-03-20 for details.
  3. Posting to team list. Allow anyone to post? Alternatives?

    Action: We will keep the team list private, and encourage people to reach us via
  4. Quality Showcase
    Showcase poster session is April 2 (Wednesday), 8-11 AM, Varsity Room, Union South

    Schedule for shifts for working the poster session?
    Signup sheet at:
    Or if unable to access this, send the times desired.
    What ruleset will we use when we measure accessibility of sites using the OAA Firefox extension?

    For apples-to-apples comparison, do we evaluate the "top" or "home" page of each site?
    Appoint a subcommittee to work out the remaining details?


    • Gary will send a message to team asking folks to sign up for shifts at showcase.
    • We will determine the ruleset prior (or at the start of) showcase.
    • We will evaluate the unit's home page for puposes of the 'competition', but we will evaluate other pages also, as time permits.
    • A subcommittee will finish the work. Gary will lead. Todd and Matt are willing to help. Laura and Jess are already engaged.
    • We will try to arrange for a printer. May need to email results instead. 
    • This is the last meeting prior to Showcase. At next meeting discuss the results.

  5. Teaching and Learning Symposium – May 19-20
    Handout: TLS Proposal

    • Appoint a subcommittee to organize our session.
    • Gary will ask if Joyce is willing to lead.
    • Gary will ask for more volunteers.
    • Continue listing this on future agendas.
      Mar 24, 2014: Our original proposal was not accepted. A suggestion was made that we re-submit our proposal as a poster session. Action items for a possible poster session are the same as above.
  6. Organization of web accessibility guidelines and supporting material (draft)
    Diagram of Organization of web accessibility guidelines and supporting material (draft)
    • The design is OK. At next meeting we will discuss how to proceed further.

  7.   See the OSU document. Should we update it for our use?

    Handout: The original OSU version

    • Same as item 6 above. Discuss at next meeting as part of the plan for how to proceed.
  8. Content Management Templates. Progress check.

    Handout: Results so far

    • Evaluators should send their results to Gary, who will add them to the spreadsheet.

  9. Team progress check?
    Handout: Group Charter
    • Need to wait to resolve the question of chair(s) until Bruce assigns CIO office responsibility for web accessibility efforts.
    • In meantime, we will operate without a chair. Gary will facilitate meetings and keep things going.
    • The group is interested in writing a report to the sponsors, in which the group makes some recommendations including:
      • Co-chairs?
      • Additional sponsors.
      • The question of resources to move the work ahead? Volunteer team members can only do so much. Need support from staff.
    • Continue with discussion of possible recommendations at the next meeting.
    • Regarding interrim staff support – Gary will continue to facilitate meetings and do some of the staff work, at least until the question of leadership in the CIO office for web accessibility is resolved.

Future agenda items:

  • Brainstorm "Resources to help developers and content providers to incorporate accesssibility into their existing processes" 
  •  Discuss the 'checkpoints' with the question: "What do we want developers and/or content providers who are 'getting started' to do"
  • How to start approaching "mobile" accessibility. Invite Dave Schroeder to attend for that discussion.

Furture meetings:

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