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  • ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-10-16
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Agenda & Notes - Accessibility/Usability of IT Coordinating Group (Coordinating Group)

Oct 16, 2014, 11:00-12:00, Union S.

  1. Introductions
  2. Agenda Review
    Action: No changes.
  3. Notes from   previous meeting  – Please send comments, corrections to Gary

  4. Phase I Task Force (Phyllis or Al) – See Phase I Task Force notes

    Gary reported that:

    • The task force believes it is necessary to insert an additional "tool setup" period prior to the start of Phase I. During the tool setup we can get the tool up and running as a service, including NetID integration, minimum documentation and an initiial configuration we can use upon entering phase one. Estimate for this period is approximately three months.

    • There will be training on Oct 30 10:00-11:00 in the McBurney Graaskamp room. All Coordinating group members are invited

    Other action:.

    • The coordinating group meeting at 11:00 on Oct 30 will also move to the Graaskamp room, because of the difficultly of have two back-to-back meeting separated from each other.

    • We will invite all members of the both Phase I task force and Coordinating group to the training

    • We also invite someone from Medical School and (which additional unit?) to attend, (these units have already contacted us regarding participation in Phase I.)

    • Joyce will draft an email inviting someone from L&S and someone from UW System admin to attend the training.

    • We will not be recuiting additional Phase I participants until the "tool setup" period is nearing completion.


  5. Accessibility staff proposal status (Carrie Nelson)
    Action:  Carrie sent at email to the team reporting status on this and the CIC Accessibility Group.

  6. Review/revise the phased implementation plan produced by the Tools Team.
    Goal is to turn it over the Phase I Task Force for further development as they prepare for Phase I.
    Idea is that the document:
    1. helps us organize our own thoughts and plans, (plans need further development – tools team is working on that)
    2. can be distributed to people who are interested in having their unit participate in Phase I. It does not tell them everything they need to know, but it gives them an idea of what is involved.

      • Concluded that the decision to insert a "tool setup" period needs be written into the document.
      • Gary will update the document and publish it on the Wiki, and send an email to both teams when that is complete.
      • Upon the start of Phase I, when the phase I participants have been determined, the Phase I task force (which will include representatives from all the participating units) will review the document one last time to assure that it is what the phase I participants are willing to do.
      Other action:
      • Joyce will draft a procedure for functional testing (with approximately 10 steps) based on her previous experience in testing.

      • Carrie will draft what accessibility criteria the "content providers" need to be concerned about.  "Content provider" is, roughly, someone who only uses a CMS, rather than configuring a CMS for others to use. The UW-Madison checkpoints document might be a good place to start.

      • We noted that we need to discuss how to publish documents and procedures for use during Phase I.

  7. Liaison highlights (Joyce)
  8. Check in: A street view of accessibility
  9. Communications, such as announcements to listservs, Twitter, or campus calendar.
  10. Upcoming agenda items
    • need to develop
    • Continued status updates of staffing proposal. Other deferred items above. Selected items below.


On-deck Items

  • Consider flipping the meeting schedule overlapping the meeting times so that there is more of an opportunity for sharing between the two groups.
  • Get more info on new Executive Committee meeting (invite Chris Holsman to a meeting?)
  • Captioning contract status and new RFP
    (Note from Oct 16 meeting: The review of the current captioning contracts is tentatively scheduled to begin in January.)
  • Purchasing - Accessibility requirements for purchased software
  • Organization of web accessibility guidelines and supporting material, (see meeting notes from March 20, 2014 through May 1, 2014 for history) 
  • Brainstorm "Resources to help developers and content providers to incorporate accessibility into their existing processes" (suggested at March 6, 2014 meeting) 

Future agenda items:

  • Accessibility and diversity are related, followup (suggested at May 1, 2014 meeting). Note: we made brief contact with Hazel Symonette at the T&LS on May 19.
  • Resource for organizing future accessibility events. See: email exchange on the topic.
  • Go over the implications of the new Wisconsin law on accessibile educational materials in higher education (suggested at April 17, 2014 meeting)
  • Brainstorm how to build awareness of instructional content accessibility (suggested at May 29 meeting)

Future dates:

  • Report to the sponsors – September 30, 2014.
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month – October, 2014, see
  • Accessing Higher Ground conference – Nov 17-21, 2014, see:  
  • Report to the sponsors – December 31, 2014.
  • Community of Educational Technology Support (ComETS) annual meeting – January, 2015, see:
  • Possible workshop sponsored by the Coordinating Group? – March, 2015?
  • Report to the sponsors – March 31, 2015.
  • Showcase 2015 – April 14, 2015, Union South – We have an idea already: Embedded Accessibility
  • Teaching and Learning Symposium – May 20-21, 2015. We have an idea already: Accessibile Course Materials: Content, Technology, and Process.
  • Report to the sponsors – June 30, 2015. Continue from here every Sep 30, Dec 31, March 31, and June 30....
  • Possible brownbag sponsored by the Coordinating Group? – October, 2015?

Furture meetings:

  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-09-11, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-09-28, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-10-12, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-10-26, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-11-09, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-11-23, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-12-14, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm
  • Coordinating Group Meeting 2017-12-28, 11:00-12:00, McBurney Graaskamp Rm (tentative) *
  • Coordinating Group Meetings

* Tentative meeting on Dec 28, between the holidays.

Coordinating Group members:

Sandi ArendalkowskiDoIT MarketingSteven BoldtDCSGary De CluteCIO Office
Brendon DybdahlHousingApril EbacherDoIT ADIRyan EngelLSS
Matt GoinsDoIT PTEAndy GoldsteinDoIT ATLaura GradyDoIT Marketing
Jamie GutkowskiDoIT ADIJohn HareDoIT EIS  
Jini JastiLaw SchoolHaley KerkhoffDCSAl NemecCALS
Jessie NemecLibraries

Casey Schacher

LibrariesTodd Schwanke, (co-chair)McBurney Center
James SkempBusinessGarrett SmithDoIT ATPhyllis TreigeDoIT Marketing
Nick WeaverUniv. MarketingPeter Weil (co-chair)Univ. Marketing  
Also attendingUnitAlso attendingUnitAlso attendingUnit
Phil JochimsenDoIT EISLee KonradLibraries  
vacant, (sponsor)CIO OfficeCathy Trueba, (sponsor)Office of Compliance  


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