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Accessibility/Usability Assessment Tools Purchase and Implementation Team

Note: The Tools Purchase and Implementation team has ended with the successful purchase of AMP from SSB Bart Group. See ITAccessTP Recommendations for the teams report to the sponsors. See below for  team history.  After the purchase was complete, the team and the Coordinating Group jointly decided that the implementation process was sufficiently different from the purchase process that a different organization of the work was needed. For ongoing implementation activity, see the Accessibility Phase I Task Force (a.k.a. the Tools Team).

MemberUnit MemberUnit MemberUnit
Chris ArndtCALS Al Nemec (co-chair)CALS James SkempBusiness
Gary De CluteCIO Office (facilitator) Vince RoseDoIT Comm Tony TallmadgeCAE
Jessica JonesDoIT Comm Casey SchacherLibrary Phyllis Treige (co-chair)DoIT Comm
Emily MacalusoDoIT Comm Todd SchwankeMcBurney   


ITAccessTP Meetings 12-13

ITAccessTP Meetings 13-14

See also:  ITAccessCG Meetings. For the prior team's work ATR Meetings. For the follow up team's work see Phase I Meetings.

Meeting Schedule

ITAccessTP Meeting Schedule

See also Coordinating Group Meeting Schedule.



(tick)Milestones, (info)Items of particular interest




For activity of the follow up team see Accessibility Phase I Task Force.
Below this line is IT Accessibility Tools Purchase and Implementation (ITAccessTP) activity. 

09/18/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-09-18. Celebration of success!  End of Tools Team.
09/04/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-09-04. Refinement of Phase I plan. Need to pick URL's.
08/22 to 08/27Continued internal DoIT/CIO Office activity regarding funding, service team, etc. – Result initial funding was identifed to develop support for the tool.
08/21/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-08-21. Discussed changes to the phased implementation plan.
08/08 to 08/20Much internal DoIT/CIO Office activity regarding funding, service team, etc.
08/07/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-08-07 Joint Chairs. Discussed transition into the implementation of the tool.
08/07/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-08-07. Follow up from meeting with Sponsors. Role of the DoIT service team.
07/30 to 08/06Much DoIT/CIO Office/Purchasing Services activity regarding finishing up the RFP, etc.
07/30/14Purchase is funded!
07/29/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-07-29 with Sponsors. Presented recommendations. They were well received.
07/24/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-07-24. Preparation for meeting with sponsors.
06/26/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-06-26. Final review of draft recommendations (no significant changes received after this meeting.)
06/24/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-06-24. Editing session for draft recommendations.
06/12/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-06-12. Review of draft recommendations. Co-chairs are: Phyllis Treige (DoIT) and Al Nemic (CALS).
05/29/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-05-29. Plans for evaluating 'free' tools. Discussion of co-chairs for the team.
05/15/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-05-15. Status of evaluating FAE 2.0. Status of finding a service team at DoIT
05/01/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-05-01. Discussed evaluating FAE 2.0. Discussed need for a service team at DoIT
04/17/14 ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-04-17 with CG. Joint meeting with Coodinating Group. See ITAccessCG Meeting 2014-04-17 Joint.
03/10/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-03-20. Discussed FAE Auditor Edition.
03/06/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-03-06. Review results of the 'free' tools demos.
02/25/14(info) ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-02-25 Demo. Both tools team and coordinating group members invited to demos of the free tools.
02/20/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-02-20. Prep for demos of free tools.
02/06/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-02-06. Prep for demos of free tools.
02/04/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-02-04 RFP.
01/23/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-01-23. Decided to do demos of free tools at end of February.
01/07/14(tick) ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-01-07 PM RFP Third demo. All Tools Team members are invited.
01/06/14ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-01-06 RFP.  First demo.All Tools Team members are invited.
12/10/13(info) Invited all tools team and coordinating group members to attend the demos in Jan. All who attend must sign the NDA.
11/20/13 IT Policy Forum 2013-11. Brief update on tools team, coordinating group.
11/07/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-11-07 RFP. Finished first pass through scoring. Decided to inviate all providers to demonstrate products and answer questions.
10/31/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-10-31. Discussed strategy for tool deployment.
10/15/13 ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-10-15 RFP. Organizational meeting. Started first pass through scoring as a homework assign, due in a week.
10/03/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-10-03. Discussed table of free tools. Decide upon implementation actions the team can work on while the RFP is in progress.
09/19/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-09-19. Postponed discussion of table of free tools. Discussed implementation actions that are to follow completion of the RFP.  Decided to continue meeting and explore implementation actions the team can work on while the RFP is in progress.
08/08/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-08-08. Reviewed result from the IT Policy Forum 2013-08. Decided to work on table of free tools.
08/06/13 IT Policy Forum 2013-08. Accessibility Forum.
07/25/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-07-25. Discussion of accessibility tools implementation phases.
07/11/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-07-11. Discussion of price points for RFP. Discussion of what team should work on while the RFP is in progress: chose implementation phases and table of free tools.
06/2713ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-06-27. Report on requirements for the RFP. Discussion of price points for the RFP.
06/19/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-06-19 RFP. Finished up questions. Ready to start RFP!
06/13/13 ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-06-13 RFP. Initial meeting. Work on questions.
05/30/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-05-30. Finished discussing high priority requirements. Discussed Moderate and Low priority requirements.
05/16/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-05-16. Discussed high priority requirements.
05/02/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-05-02. Discussed mandatory requirements.
04/18/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-04-18. Discussed possible RFP.
04/11/13Discussed possible RFP.
04/08/13Results of research on rough pricing. See the team's shared UW-Madison Google Apps folder (private subfolder)
04/04/13 ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-04-04. Finished strategy development and started plans for an RFP.

 (info) Article by Bruce Maas, UW-Madison CIO. See

03/21/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-03-21. Worked on strategy for tool rollout.
03/07/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-03-07. Continued discussing tools evaluation. Looked at some example strategies.
02/21/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-02-21. Discussed results of tools evaluation. Began discussing strategy.
02/07/13ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-02-07. Discussed results of tools evaluation.
02/02/13Call for participation in the "Open Accessibility Alliance". See and
01/10/13 ITAccessTP Meeting 2013-01-10. Discussed analysis of trends in higher education.
12/14/12Organized the team's shared UW-Madison Google Apps folder.
12/13/12ITAccessTP Meeting 2012-12-13. Discussed John Gunderson's visit/demo. Checked status of research on accessibility in higher ed.
11/29/12ITAccessTP Meeting 2012-11-29. Checked status of research on accessibility in higher ed.

 (tick) ITAccessTP Meeting 2012-11-15. First Meeting! Planning. Began research on accessibility in higher ed.


Above this line is IT Accessibility Tools Purchase and Implementation (ITAccessTP) activity.  
Below this line is historical ATR team activity.

12/14/12  (tick)(info) ATR ITC presentation. See: This is the last planned activity of the ATR team. See ITAccessCG (Coordinating Group) and  ITAccessTP (Tools Team) for follow up work.
12/06/12ATR Meeting 2012-12-06. Prep for ITC meeting. 
11/20/12(tick)(info)ATR MTAG presenation. See:
11/01/12ATR Meeting 2012-11-01. Finished Coordinating Group charter. Prep for MTAG and ITC meetings.
10/31/12(info)IT Policy Forum 2012-10. Presented recommendations and announced follow up teams.
10/11/12Created ATR pages under ITAccess wiki. See also ITAccessCG, ITAccessTP.
10/18/12ATR Meeting 2012-10-18. Finished Tools charter. Discussed Coordinating Group charter. Prep for forum.
10/04/12ATR Meeting 2012-10-04. Created ITAccess policy initiative wiki pages. 
09/27/12 ATR Meeting 2012-09-27. ATR Meeting. Discussed charters for follow teams.
09/17/12(info)(tick)ATR Meeting 2012-09-17. Presented Recommendations to the sponsors.


ATR Meeting 2012-09-13. Prep for meeting with sponsors. Merged Requirements with Recommendations. Finished Recommendations.

08/30/12ATR Meeting 2012-08-30.
08/16/12(tick)ATR Meeting 2012-08-16. Finished requirements.
08/02/12ATR Meeting 2012-08-02.
07/19/12ATR Meeting 2012-07-19. Requirements mostly built. Started building recommendations. 
07/05/12ATR Meeting 2012-07-05.
06/21/12ATR Meeting 2012-06-21. Started building requirements.
06/07/12ATR Meeting 2012-06-07. Final review of charter. Review of Goals Discussion.
05/17/12 ATR Meeting 2012-05-17. Definitions. Usability. Goals Discussion.
04/25/12(tick)ATR Meeting 2012-04-25. First Meeting.



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