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  • ITAccessTP Meeting 2012-11-15
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Accessibility/Usability Assessment Tool Purchase and Implementation (Tool Team)

Thursday, Nov 15, 2012, 10:00-12:00 Union S.

Tool purchase team has the first hour. Full ATR is meeting with the sponsors at 11:00.

 Tools Team Agenda (10:00-11:00)

  1. Agenda Review

  2. Administrative details (wiki, list, meetings)

  3. Planning for future team activties (Step 1 of plan) 
    See: draft team plan below.

    Action: See ITAccessTP Meeting 2012-11-29 for modified plan. Plan will be updated each meeting as the team proceeds.

  4. Research (Step 2 of plan)

    Action: See Assigned Web Research below. Also below, Questions to Research on the Instituion's Website.

    Judy will create a spreadsheet with questions in rows and institutions in columns for everyone to put their web research notes in.

    After we review the document, we may do followup interviews at some institutions


Assigned Web Research

Casey: Cornell, UW System

Chris: California State Universities, Univ of Washington

John G: last 2 CIC schools and open source

Vince: 1st 5 CIC schools (alpha)

Jennifer: 2nd 5 CIC schools

Questions to Research on the Institution’s Website

  1. What are they doing in assessing websites for accessibility?
  2. Do they have mobile apps assessments too?
  3. Are the assessments mandatory?
  4. What tools/processes are used?
  5. How are they being used and by whom?
  6. Is there overall campus assessments?

ATR Team with Cathy Trueba and  Bruce Maas

Planning for MTAG and ITC meetings on Accessibility (11:00-12:00) (Cathy Trueba and Bruce Maas will be joining us)

 <Judy's proposed start at agendas for the MTAG and ITC meetings>

    1. Plan for MTAG - We have 30 minutes on agenda
      1. IT Accessibility - importance, etc. Legal requirements, etc.
      2. E-textbooks, content accessibility
      3. Reaching out to NFB and CIC CIO's initiatives
      4. ATR team - goal, recommendations
      5. 2 teams - what they are and members welcome
      6. other?

    2. Plan for ITC on Dec 14. Katrina Forrest is planning on dedicating the 120 minutes to IT accessibility.  Potential topics:
      1. IT Accessibility - importance, etc. Legal requirements, etc.
      2. IT Accessibility in instruction - eTexts, content accessibility, Resources on campus for students needing assistance, etc. How to engage the faculty
      3. Video, Reaching out to NFB, and CIC CIO's initiatives
      4. ATR team - goal, recommendations, looking at improving the campus websites, reaching out to developers, assessing current website compliance, followup teams, etc.
      5. other? 
    3. Status of Tools Team and coordinating Group (if time allows)
    4. Next Steps.


Draft Tools Team Plan

  1. Planning
  2. Refresh market survey. Check out:
    1. Open source
    2. Anthen
    3. CIC
    4. Peer institutions
  3. Write proposal:
    1. Business Case
    2. Preliminary Implemenetation Plan
  4. Submit proposal to sponsors
  5. Resources approved!
  6. Contact purchasing
  7. Write requirements
  8. RFP issued
  9. Evaluate RFP responses
  10. Award
  11. Implementation planning
  12. Discuss with sponsors
  13. Start implementing...

Future Meetings

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Microsoft Word Document AccessToolsNotes20121115.docx 2012-11-15 IT AccessTP (Tools Team) notes (docx) Nov 19, 2012 by GARY W DECLUTE
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet AccessToolResearchAssign20121115Updated.xlsx 2012-11-15 Updated spreadsheet for tools research (xlsx) Nov 19, 2012 by GARY W DECLUTE


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