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  • ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-02-25 Agenda to include
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Streaming video of the demonstrations

or download the video

(Time range on the video is listed on each agenda item below)

Blank scoresheet

(If you would like to contribute scores, please copy/paste and email scores to by March 31.)

Accumulated scores for each tool


VIDEO GAP while getting organized 00:00 to 01:20 (1:20 min)

1. Opening comments, VIDEO is at 01:20 to 05:00 (3:40 min)
    Casey Schacher (Library)

2. Demos

For each tool we’ll cover:
    1. Its purpose
    2. What it does well
    3. What it does not do well
    4. Its other capabilities (besides accessibility)

See the video for each demo. Times are listed on each agenda item.

We would appreciate your impression of each tool:
   1. Does it seem to be easy to use?
   2. Would you use it in your work?
   3. Would you recommend it to someone else?

Participant scores for each tool
(11 responses, scored on 1-5 scale, 5 highest)

a. Color checkers

Color Oracle (installed client, Windows, Mac, Linux) VIDEO is at 05:50 to 11:30 (5:20 min)
Al Nemec (CALS)

b. Screen Reader Emulators

Fangs (Firefox extension) VIDEO is at 11:30 to 13:15 (1:45 min)
Al Nemec (CALS)

ChromeVox (Chome extension) VIDEO is at 13:15 to 17:15 (4:00 min)
Al Nemec (CALS)

c. General Browser Extensions

Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools (extension) VIDEO is at 17:15 to 23:20 (6:05 min)
James Skemp (Business School)

VIDEO GAP due to technical difficulties 23:20 to 26:00 (2:40 min)

Checkpoints for Web Accessibility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (document) VIDEO is at 26:00 to 28:45 (2:45 min)
Joyce Tikalsky (Engineering)

d. General Purpose Online Checkers

Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) (online) VIDEO is at 28:45-33:00 (3:15 min)
Joyce Tikalsky (Engineering)

e. General Browser Extensions (continued)

OpenAjax Alliance (OAA) Accessibility Extension (Alpha Release) (Firefox extension) VIDEO is at 33:00 to 36:00 (3:00 min)
Joyce Tikalsky (Engineering)

f. General Purpose Online Checkers (continued)

AChecker (online) VIDEO is at 37:40 to 44:30 (7:20 min)
Chris Arndt (CALS)

Wave (online) VIDEO is at 45:00 to 55:10 (10:10 min)
Gary De Clute (CIO Office)

g. Comments, Questions, etc.

(During comments and questions only the audio is meaningful - just ignore the screen) VIDEO is at 55:10 to 01:18:40 (23:30 min)

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