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  • ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-03-06
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Accessibility/Usability Assessment Tool Purchase and Implementation (Tool Team)

Mar 06, 2014, 10:00-11:00, Union S.

This is a meeting of the full tools team.

  1. Agenda Review

  2. RFP Team status

  3. Review results of the free tools demos
    Handout: Tool evaluation scores
    Action:  Done. This does not tell us what free tools to recommend until we know what our primary tool is going to be and for whom we are going to deploy it. It does, however, show that among free online tools FAE is preferred over either of WAVE and AChecker. 

  4. Handout for Showcase on April 2nd?
    The Accessibility Coordinating Group has requested that the Tools Team develop a handout for Showcase on April 2.
    Action: None
    1. Turns out the Coordinate Group proposed poster might not be approved.
    2. We do not yet have a decision from the RFP, so we are not in a position to make recommendations at this time. Seems unlikely we will find out more before Showcase.
  5. Next steps
    Action: For next agenda –
    1. Focus on pages that are needed by students.
    2. Discuss techniques to help people be more effective at improving web accessibility.
    3. Consider how to get the word out to content creators. Note: the best sales/marketing will be an automated tools that work really well.


Future Meetings

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