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  • ITAccessTP Meeting 2014-07-29 with Sponsors
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Accessibility/Usability Assessment Tool Purchase and Implementation (Tool Team)

July 29, 2014, 10:00-11:00, 445 Henry Mall, Rm 502 (in CIO suite)


  1. Agenda Review

  2. Key points on each recommendation (Team co-chairs: Al Nemec, CALS, and Phyllis Treige, DoIT)

  3. Next steps 


    • Check if they are in InCommon  (Gary)

    • Check if language in RFP allows contract to be extended beyond UW-Madison (Gary)

    • Sponsors favor adoption of recommendations, however, project will be the first project to run through IT Decision-making 

    • Sponsors asked about staffing recommendations. Answer: The Coodinating Group is developing them. (Added this line per meeting notes of Aug 7 Tools Team meeting.) 

Future agenda items:

After main tool decision is made:

  1. Get the service team on board, and close the RFP
    1. Inform purchasing of the decision
    2. If we are purchasing and/or have funding for supporting services
      1. Contact Cathy Riley so she can participate in the final negotiations with the vendor and/or engage the service team for support development.
      2. Assist Cathy as needed.
  2. Review overall plan: Phase I = a few interested departments, Phase II+ expand to more departments.
    1. Finish developing Phase I detailed description, expectations, etc.
    2. Decide what to say to the campus about phase I.
    3. Identify specific departments that are willing to take a role in phase I
  3. Consider specific needs of three different constituencies. What tools (purchased or free) do we initially recommend for each constituency during Phase I?
    • enterprise level users,
    • web developers/web masters, and
    • content providers

Future Meetings:





Tools Team Members:

MemberUnit MemberUnit MemberUnit
Chris ArndtCALS Al Nemec (co-chair)CALS James SkempBusiness
Gary De CluteCIO Office (facilitator) Vince RoseDoIT Comm Tony TallmadgeCAE
Jessica JonesDoIT Comm Casey SchacherLibrary Phyllis Treige (co-chair)DoIT Comm
Emily MacalusoDoIT Comm Todd SchwankeMcBurney   



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