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Accessibility/Usability Assessment Tool Purchase and Implementation (Tool Team)

Sep 4, 2014, 10:00-11:00, Union S., Sift & Winnow (2nd Floor)

This is the last business meeting of the Tools Team. On Sep 18 there will be a celebration. After that the Phase I Task Force will begin to meet, same time and location, unless the Task Force members decide otherwise. All Tools Team members are invited to continue on the Task Force, but there is no obligation. Please consider continuing on!


  1. Notetaker?  Please send notes to Gary.
  2. Introductions
  3. Agenda Review

  4. Notes from prior meeting meeting. Please send comments, corrections to Gary.

  5. Update on puchase-related activities since last meeting (Phil, Kolleen or Colleen )

  6. Plan for the celebration on Sep 18
  7. Refinement of plan for phased implementation.
    Handout: Phased implementation plan
    Additional Items:

    URL Selection: SSB Bart was going to need a URL for the tool's access on their website. This is something similar to what existing schools have done:, etc.  A local URL would be another thing we could setup, like, etc.


  8. Next steps
    • Coordinating Group will review the plan for phased implementation on Oct 2.
    • Phase I Task Force could begin meeting as early as Oct 2. (Same time and place as scheduled for the Tools Team, unless the Task Force decides otherwise.)

Future agenda items

  1. Review overall plan: Phase I = a few interested departments, Phase II+ expand to more departments.
    1. Decide what to say to the campus about phase I.
    2. Identify specific departments that are willing to take a role in phase I
  2. Consider specific needs of three different constituencies. What tools (purchased or free) do we initially recommend for each constituency during Phase I?
    • enterprise level users,
    • web developers/web masters, and
    • content providers

Future Meetings:






Tools Team Members:

MemberUnit MemberUnit MemberUnit
Chris ArndtCALS Al Nemec (co-chair)CALS James SkempBusiness
Gary De CluteCIO Office (facilitator) Vince RoseDoIT Comm Tony TallmadgeCAE
Jessica JonesDoIT Comm Casey SchacherLibrary Phyllis Treige (co-chair)DoIT Comm
Emily MacalusoDoIT Comm Todd SchwankeMcBurney   


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