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  • Phase I Meeting 2015-01-08
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Accessibility Phase I Task Force (Phase I) (a.k.a. the Tools Team)

Jan 8, 2015, 10:00-11:00, McBurney, Graaskamp Rm


  1. Introductions

    Sandi Arendalkowski, UX consultant with DoIT/CIO Communications has joined the team.

    Welcome Sandi!

  2. Notes from  previous meeting. Please send comments, corrections to Gary.

  3. Status of AMP service development?

    Action: We're at about the same place. Not much could happen over Christmas/New Years holidays.
  4. Communications for Phase 1 –
    Handout:  Revised draft article

    • Laura has notes on changes to make to the article.
    • Will publish it in February Tech News
    • Will send it to various lists.
    • Issue: Need to give folks a contact point. Where? and What to tell them?
      • Send them to
      • Gary will process the messages, and will BCC the threads to the Phase I task force list. Messages will also be visible to the Coordinating Group members who are on the distribution list.
      • Others BCC'd or on the distribution list or will monitor the threads, and if necessary, suggest corrections to what Gary is telling folks. They shoud avoid jumping into the conversation as a means of making the corrections, (which is too confusing to inquirer.) Gary will update inquirers as needed to correct/update the information they received.
      • Message:
        • If the inquirer is potentially representing a unit, invite them to participate in Phase I.
        • The tool will be available for wider use after NetID integration is finished and some basic documentation is available (for example, how to login.) Until then, only the implementers have logins in order to do some initial testing of the tool.
        • Others on campus who are not participating in Phase I will be able use the tool during Phase I, with two important points to remember:
          • The tool is not yet configured for general use, so some of the settings may be confusing or difficult to work with until phase I is nearing completion, when we know what settings will work well.
          • There will be little or no support available until Phase I is nearing completion, when we know what type of support will be most helpful and can arrange it.
        • We hope the tool will be available for general campus use as Phase I is nearing completion. Target is mid-2015.  
      • On an interim basis, we can give folks a link to Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project, which describes Phase I. Longer term, we will want to have a regular web page on an official site, rather than on the wiki, (which is more oriented toward development work.)
  5. Future agenda items?
  6. Next steps?







Future agenda items

  1. TBD...

Future Meetings:

Phase I Team Members:

Sandi ArendalkowskiDoIT CommPhil JochimsenDoIT EISJames SkempBusiness
Chris ArndtCALSAl Nemec (co-chair)CALSTony TallmadgeCAE
Gary De CluteCIO Office (facilitator)Vince RoseDoIT CommJoyce TikalskyEngineering
John HareDoIT EISCasey SchacherLibraryClint ThayerSMPH
Craig JewelSMPHTodd SchwankeMcBurneyPhyllis TreigeDoIT Comm


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