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  • Phase I Meeting 2015-03-19
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Accessibility Phase I Task Force (Phase I) (a.k.a. the Tools Team)

Mar 19, 2015, 10:00-11:00, McBurney, Graaskamp Rm


  1. Agenda Review

    Notes from       previous meeting. Please send comments, corrections to Gary.

  2. Status of AMP service development?
    Action:  Selected a name for the service: "Web Accessibility Tools". Idea is that there is more than one tool. We previously decided that when refering to specific tools, we would use the common name of the tool, for example "Accessibility Management Platform" for the SSB Bart Group tool. Service name can stay the same as tools change.

  3. Help Desk Survey responses
    Handout: Survey responses
    Info: This survey is what is sent to the help desk so they can start setting up support for a service.
    Action: There were several comments on the responses. Phil has notes.
  4. Status of "Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project"

    Info: We're getting to the point where we need to start making decisions about the default settings of AMP.

    Action: Next meeing, team should focus on the default settings. Sandi will focus on organizing documentation for the service.

  5. Related Coordinating Group activities:
    • Possible revision of policy to recommend use of WCAG instead of current section 508 standard (Gary De Clute)
      Status: Policy is drafted. See agenda of ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-03-05.
    • Accessibility guidelines (Gary De Clute). 
      Status: Guidelines are drafted. See attachments on ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-03-05.
      Action: Team suggests changing "content providers" to "content owners".
  6. Future agenda items?  See item #4 above.

Future agenda items

  • TBD

Future Meetings:



Phase I Team Members:

Sandi ArendalkowskiDoIT CommPhil JochimsenDoIT EISJames SkempBusiness
Chris ArndtCALSAl Nemec (co-chair)CALSTony TallmadgeCAE
Gary De CluteCIO Office (facilitator)Vince RoseDoIT CommJoyce TikalskyEngineering
John HareDoIT EISCasey SchacherLibraryClint ThayerSMPH
Craig JewelSMPHTodd SchwankeMcBurneyPhyllis TreigeDoIT Comm


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