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  • Phase I Meeting 2015-04-02
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Accessibility Phase I Task Force (Phase I) (a.k.a. the Tools Team)

April 2, 2015, 10:00-11:00, McBurney, Graaskamp Rm


  1. Agenda Review

    Notes from       previous meeting. Please send comments, corrections to Gary.

  2. Status of AMP service development?
    1. From previous meeting: Need to focuse on what the default settings should be.  (All)


      • Default child org for new users will be UW-Madison (top level)

      • By default, will be able to create, run, view and edit their own reports.

      • Vince has notes with more detail on outstanding items regarding defaults.

      • Will set default to WCAG 2.0 A and AA. Gary will accelerate the update to the Web Accessibility Policy so it is finished before the release date. In the meantime, documents should be oriented toward WCAG 2.0 rather than the current section 508.


      • Phil, Vince, and others on testing team will keep resolving the default values.

      • Testing team is meeting regularly on the "off weeks" when the phase I team is not meeting.

    2. Check in on status of documentation (Sandi)
      • Progress! 
      • Sandi has notes with more info...
      • Sandi will invite document writers to a meeting.
        (Several on the testing team have been writing or taking notes on possible documents.)
      • Gary will rough out a HIPAA KB doc for AMP (both the service and the firefox extension) essentially saying that actual PHI must not be displayed on the page when the testing occurs. Test data that simulates PHI is OK.
  3. Accessibility Tools Marketing Plan (1st draft)
    Info: March portion of marketing plan is done.

    Action: Gary will invite Laura to the rest of the meetings.
  4. Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project (Gary)

    Are we going to do a "Phase I" project, or are we going to do the necessary research and decision-making as part of configuring the tool for initial use (i.e. in "Phase 0", as we have been doing the last several meetings.)
    Definition of the Phase 0 and Phase I is at:  Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project in the Accessibility Tools Implementation Phases document.
    • Many on team feel a Phase I (production use by a small number of units) is one or more of: not needed, impractical to get units to do, will take too long, and/or can be replaced by additional testing.
      A few feel a Phase I is one or more of: a good idea, and/or essential to shakedown the tool, test the documentation, and experiment with process improvement.
    • Need for thorough testing before release is agreed upon.
    • Vince will write up a proposal for how to test the tool before release.
    • Release might be postponed until Sep to allow time for additional testing.
  5. Related Coordinating Group activities:
    • Possible revision of policy to recommend use of WCAG instead of current section 508 standard (Gary De Clute)
      Status: Policy is drafted. See agenda of ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-03-05.
    • Accessibility guidelines (Gary De Clute). 
      Status: Guidelines are drafted. See attachments on ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-03-05.

Future agenda items

  • TBD

Future Meetings:



Phase I Team Members:

Sandi ArendalkowskiDoIT CommPhil JochimsenDoIT EISJames SkempBusiness
Chris ArndtCALSAl Nemec (co-chair)CALSTony TallmadgeCAE
Gary De CluteCIO Office (facilitator)Vince RoseDoIT CommJoyce TikalskyEngineering
John HareDoIT EISCasey SchacherLibraryClint ThayerSMPH
Craig JewelSMPHTodd SchwankeMcBurneyPhyllis TreigeDoIT Comm




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