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  • Phase I Meeting 2015-04-16
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Accessibility Phase I Task Force (Phase I) (a.k.a. the Tools Team)

April 16, 2015, 10:00-11:00, McBurney, Graaskamp Rm


  1. Agenda Review

    Notes from       previous meeting. Please send comments, corrections to Gary.

  2. Status of AMP service development?
    1. AMP tool configuration


      • Configuration pretty much done. Exceptions: child organization, propose:
        • A benchmarks or annual scans child org, with view permissions for executives and other who need to see the overall state of the univeristy
        • Each division (by UDDS) would have its own child org, within which they can organize further as they desire. Will create these as needed (rather than create 32 of them.)
      • Looks like AMP is most suitable as a developer tool
      • Name of the service is

        • "Accessiblity Testing Tools".

        • This is because it will be a set of recommended tools, including AMP.

        • Also, service name can remain constant as mix of tools change.
      • Name of AMP tool is
        • "SSBart Group Accessibility Management Platform",
        • or in context when SSB Bart Group can be assumed: "Accessibility Management Platorm"
        • or after giving the full name and this abbreviation of it: "AMP"


      • Need to recommend a mix of other tools. (Assigned to the team)

        • AMP is web only.

        • Need to text PDF's, Excel, Word, iOS, etc.)

        • May need a free screen reader, color checker, etc. 

        • Many of the candidate tools may already be published on the DoIT accessibility page.

    2. Check in on status of documentation (Sandi)
      • Document drafts and such are in the task force Box folder.
      • Drafts need to go into the KB (Sandi for now)
      • Accessibility web cleanup in Sep/Oct (Sandi)
      • Question: how to get the HD up to speed (Phil)
      • Documentation needed for 1st level support
        • How to login
        • How to scan a single page
        • How to scan a website/domain (i.e. not the whole campus)
        • How to find the report
        • How to find the AMP help on interpreting the report items and fixing them.
  3. Accessibility Tools Marketing Plan (1st draft)

    • Need to roll the tool out to small number of volunteer "early adopter" units.
      • This is so those units can do production work, including AMP in the mix of tools used,
      • Main goal is to explore how to integrate accessibility into the design and publishing process

    • Marketing plan can be completed, Only target audience and timing need to be adjusted. 
      • Targeted rollout to selected volunteer units.
        • Units TBD, but most are likely to be among those represented on Task Force and/or Coordinating Group
        • Brief announcement to campus (audiences?), with caveat that although the tools is avaialble for general use, we have not yet documented how to make the most effective use of it.
      • Full rollout after early adopters do production work for a whi the marketing plan as originally proposed.
        • Starting point is marketing plan as originally proposed.
        • Emphasis needs to include message on process improvement, not just tools, but tools, especially AMP will be included.
    • Task Force should roll out the tools as planned in Jul, except for adjustment of audience.
      • After that rollout the Task Force has completed its work, and the Coordinating Group will decide how to proceed.
        • Arrangement will be made to:
        • Enable the early adopters to keep in touch with each other, share ideas, solutions,etec.
        • Gather/document their experience with process improvement, so successful models can be shared with whole campus.
        • Gather/document their expeirnces with various tools, including AMP, so documentation can be updated.
  4. Related Coordinating Group activities:
    • Possible revision of policy to recommend use of WCAG instead of current section 508 standard (Gary De Clute)
      • Policy is drafted. See agenda of ITAccessCG Meeting 2015-03-05.
      • Needs to be reviewed, approved and published before the AMP tool is released.
    • Accessibility guidelines (Gary De Clute). 
      • Guidelines are approved by Coordinating Group (with some edits.)
      • They need to be published in the accessibility KB.
      • After they are in the KB, will be edited.

Future Meetings:

Task Force Members:

Sandi ArendalkowskiDoIT CommPhil JochimsenDoIT EISJames SkempBusiness
Chris ArndtCALSAl Nemec (co-chair)CALSTony TallmadgeCAE
Gary De CluteCIO Office (facilitator)Vince RoseDoIT CommJoyce TikalskyEngineering
John HareDoIT EISCasey SchacherLibraryClint ThayerSMPH
Craig JewelSMPHTodd SchwankeMcBurneyPhyllis TreigeDoIT Comm




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