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  • Phase I Meeting 2015-05-14
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Accessibility Phase I Task Force (Phase I) (a.k.a. the Tools Team)

May 14 2015, 10:00-11:00, McBurney, Graaskamp Rm


  1. Agenda Review

    Notes from    previous meeting. Please send comments, corrections to Gary.

  2. Status of AMP service development?
    1. AMP tool configuration


      •  From previous meeting:
        • Phil met with Help Desk, arranged first level support, with escalation to SALT team staff.
        • Pretty much only things left are to finish up the documentation and do some testing.


      • Help Desk set to go live Jul 1. (Will have internal access to KB articles prior to that.)

      • Phil will draft a service agreement for the task force to review. Then goes to our sponsors and the service leadership.

      • Need to have a name for the service that matches what the service is, (i.e. general name like "Web Accessiblity Tools" is not specific to the service.

    2. Check in on status of documentation (Sandi)
      • From previous meeting:
        • Tech and non-tech articles are entered. Some need editing.
      • Docs are designed, created, and formatted. Some content editing remains.
  3. Accessibility Tools Marketing Plan

    • Phase I communications cost is already allocated.
    • Sandi/Laura wil edit the communications doc and post the edited version on google. Link to edited doc (TBD)
    • Plan for a July CIO Blog article and a early 2016 CIO Blog article – emphasis on accessibilty development and publishing.
    • Proposed August IT policy forum be dedicated to IT accessibility. Tentative agenda:
      1. Tools released. Brief demo of tool
      2. Brief description of plan going forward.
      3. Discussion on accessible development and publishing.
    • Sandi/Laura will discuss funding for "phase II' when we get closer.
  4. For next meeting:
    • Name of service, other names.

Future Meetings:

Task Force Members:

Sandi ArendalkowskiDoIT CommPhil JochimsenDoIT EISJames SkempBusiness
Chris ArndtCALSAl Nemec (co-chair)CALSTony TallmadgeCAE
Gary De CluteCIO Office (facilitator)Vince RoseDoIT CommJoyce TikalskyEngineering
John HareDoIT EISCasey SchacherLibraryClint ThayerSMPH
Craig JewelSMPHTodd SchwankeMcBurneyPhyllis TreigeDoIT Comm




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