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  • AProxy Meeting 2011-01-10
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Anonymizing Proxies on the Campus Network

Jan 10, 2011

Present: Judy Caruso, Gary De Clute, Dave De Coster, Alan Silver


plus lots more at

Some discussion points:

  • It is possible to use traffic analysis to determine if someone is using Tor or is running a Tor server.
  • Under what circumstances is it OK to use Tor for university business.
    • Anonymity is not a requirement for normal day-to-day university business.
    • There may be circumstances where using Tor is appropriate. The Tor documentation list a number of legitimate uses, for example an anonymous tip line for UW PD. These are unusual or exceptional cases (not normal day-to-day business.)
  • Under what circumstances is it OK to run a Tor server on the campus network?
    **It is very bad idea to run an exit Tor server, because traffic of Tor users will appear to originate from the university network. We do have not control over what sort of traffic that is, and it is quite likely that illegal traffic is mixed in with legal traffic. See also: relay node below.
    • No one may run a Tor entry node on the campus network. An entry node is essentially equivalent to an exit node because the traffic  flows both ways. Thus even though it is an "entry" node, traffic looks like it is originating on the UW-Madison network. See also: entry and relay nodes below.
    • An entry or relay node does not cause us to appear to be originating illegal activity, but it permits non-university users to use the campus network for purposes totally unrelated to the university. The university network should only be used for university-related activities. This would not be considered de minimus personal use, because that is intended to apply to those who are otherwise using campus resources for university-related activities.
  • Should we discuss the issues at the upcoming IT Policy Forum?
    • It would be OK to discuss these things at a forum, but it is lower priority than other discussions under consideration. We could include it if there is time available. Discussion with the campus community would help faculty and staff understand the issues.

  • Next meeting Jan 20 or 21. Judy/Gary will schedule.
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