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  • AProxy Meeting 2011-01-20
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Anonymizing Proxies on the Campus Network

Jan 20 or 21, 2011, 9:00-10:00 Rm 2147 CS

Present: Judy Caruso, Gary De Clute, Dave DeCoster

  1. Agenda review OK

  2. Continuing discussion

    • Running a Tor exit server is definitely a bad idea because it will surely appear that illegal traffic is originating from that node. This puts the person running the exit server at very high risk of originating illegal activity from their computer. Law enforcement will almost surely note this and could decide to take action, for example: confiscating the computer as evidence in a criminal investigation.

    • Running a relay or entry server could have two problems:

      1. Use of university network for non-university-related purposes. Such servers could be considered deminimus use, but that's a bit of a stretch since the deminimus use is not being done by the person running the Tor server, but instead is being done by people passing through Tor and mostly doing things totally unrelated the university.

      2. Possible affect on our CALEA exemption as a private network. Even though encrypted, the Tor traffic through the node is public in the sense that most Tor users are part of the general public. On the flip side, the traffic though such nodes is encrypted, and attempting to monitor the content would be fruitless. Judy will discuss this with legal services.

    • It will not be necessary to create a policy prohibiting exit servers. They will be quickly identified by law enforcement and likely to be shut down as a result.

    • It is probably not necessary to have a policy on entry and relay servers. If the university can't allow them (as discussed above,) they can be detected during routine network monitoring, so someone can talk to the person and get them to shut it down.

  3. Discussion at IT Policy forum

    Action: Does not appear to be necessary to discuss this at the forum. Gary will remove it from the tentative agenda.

  4. Other?

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