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  • BYODandCloud Meeting 2014-05-22
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Non-UW-Madison Devices and Services

May 22, 2014, 2:30-3:30, 1045 Engineering Centers*

* Directions: From the Engineering Drive entrance – go to the right and proceed to the 3rd hallway. That is where the room is.

Tentative Agenda

  1. Introductions

  2. Notes of previous meeting.
  3. Brainstorming
    • The Scene:
      • The hanging flip chart sheets already contain all the ideas from the previous forums, and all the ideas sent in by team members prior to the deadline.
      • These are tentatively arranged in small clusters. Some are single 'stickies'. We will rearrange them as we go.
    • Process:
      • We start with a cluster
        • We read the stickies in the cluster, and if necessary, clarify what they mean. 
          • If an idea seems to be in the wrong cluster, we move it.
          • If we think it should be duplicated and a copy placed in a different cluster, we do so. (Someone other than Gary should duplicate and place it so we can keep moving.)
          • If we can't decide what it means or where to put it, we park it for now.
        • We move quickly over stickies that are apparently the same or very similar.
      • Next cluster...
      • Revisit parked ideas.
      • At the end we give each cluster a title. (There may be an idea in the cluster that will serve as a good title.) We may discover that we want to merge or split clusters. That is OK.
    • Brainstorming rules:
      • There are no bad ideas during brainstorming. Wild ideas are OK.
      • Don't discuss an idea, just identify it. We'll discuss things in future meetings.
      • At any time, anyone can create a new sticky, get up, and put it in whatever cluster they think it fits in, or they can start a new cluster.
        • If something sparks an idea, create a sticky and place it.
        • If you don't quite agree with the interpretation the team is settling on, create a new sticky that more clearly states what you think it means.
      • Having the same idea in multiple clusters is OK. Duplicates add value. At any time, anyone can duplicate a sticky and place it.
      • Use a fat maker and WRITE BIG so people can read it from where they are sitting.
  4. Next Steps
    See Future Agenda Items below.

Future Agenda Items:

  • Finish brainstorming, if necessary
  • Prioritize clusters. (Multi-voting)
  • In the top priority clusters, prioritize ideas, if that makes sense in that cluster. (Multi-voting)
  • Review work plan, this can wait until after brainstorming – We need to know what our priorities are, before we can complete the work plan.

Future meetings:

  • The policy stakeholder team has delivered its final recommendations
  • Follow up meetings are not yet scheduled.
  • BYODandCloud Meetings

Team members:

MemberUnit MemberUnit MemberUnit
James BabbCS Jason ErdmannEducation John HilgersHuman Ecology
Bobby BurrowAIMS (co-chair) Peg EuschRecords Mgt. James LeaverGrad School
Jan CheethamDoIT AT Bob GloverWCER (co-chair) David ParterCS
Pat DaleyDoIT RADS 

Christopher Harwood

African Languages Jeff SavoyIT Security
Gary De CluteIT Policy (facilitator) Zach Heise

Social Science Research

 Tyler SchultzL&S


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