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  • BYODandCloud Meeting 2014-05-27-Planning
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Non-UW-Madison Devices and Services

May 27, 2014, 3:00-3:45, Education Bldg

  • Discussed how to proceed following the brainstorming at our last meeting. Decided to prioritize items within the "communications cluster", and start discussing them.
  • Also decided that the chairs might need to continue to meet between team meeting for awhile. Gary will schedule meetings at Union S., hopefully adjacent to times when Bobby will already be there.
  • Still need to modify the work plan. We'll know more after the first couple of discussion.

Future meetings:

  • The policy stakeholder team has delivered its final recommendations
  • Follow up meetings are not yet scheduled.
  • BYODandCloud Meetings

Team members:

MemberUnit MemberUnit MemberUnit
James BabbCS Jason ErdmannEducation John HilgersHuman Ecology
Bobby BurrowAIMS (co-chair) Peg EuschRecords Mgt. James LeaverGrad School
Jan CheethamDoIT AT Bob GloverWCER (co-chair) David ParterCS
Pat DaleyDoIT RADS 

Christopher Harwood

African Languages Jeff SavoyIT Security
Gary De CluteIT Policy (facilitator) Zach Heise

Social Science Research

 Tyler SchultzL&S


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