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  • Cloud Computing Discussion 2011-04-27
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Consolidated results of all three discussion groups at the 2011-04-27 IT policy forum

1. Cloud, how/why used?

  • We use the cloud services because the tools work better than we have on campus. They just work there is no campus equivalent. We have folks who loved Eudora. When it went away they went to gmail because it is similar. They were not willing to change approach. There were no viable alternatives on campus. Where is there a list of campus alternatives?
  • I use Google Docs for collaborative writing. I use the public version. The campus version doesnt integrate with other Google apps that I am using. It also has version control. MyWebSpace could be used but there is no real-time collaboration possible. Also, there is a convenience issue. The online applications are often more convenient.
  • One of the person used Presio which is online Powerpoint-like tool. It has features that PP doesnt. They thought it matched their pedagogy better.
  • One said that they, as an IT support person, had to support all the stuff that folks were using. Someone was using Skype and called them in to help support them. They didnt know Skype well.
  • Another said that Skype was really useful and really, the only option for advising and interacting with International students. The problem is a Skype conversation is not recorded.

2. What is sensitive?

  • What is FERPA what does it mean to us?
  • We need sample language for working with the vendors. Its going to be more and more prevalent that we will be working outside the UW.

3. Policy?

  • We need boiler plate policy we need policies that are easy to find and understand. We need an RFP for captioning. We need period assessments/security audits built into RFPs.
  • We should have someone review/look at the Terms of Service for Dropbox and Skype because we are using them a lot on campus. Are they ok? Give us advice. Users are not cognizant of the issues.
  • We also need to be more positive not policies that are YOU SHOULD NOT but rather YOU SHOULD how to do things, etc.

4. Contracting

  • Consider having a "standard model" - whether it be boilerplate legal language, a checklist of must-have-in-an-agreement, or something else - to use around issues connected with outside services. Such a thing would be useful in both in negotiating with vendors and in explaining risks etc. to faculty.
  • Need examples of contract language.

5. Communications

  • Need more communication and training regarding the mobile devices.
  • Need a list of existing contracts with cloud service providers.
  • Need a list of UW-Madison services that could be used rather than going out to the non-UW-Madison "cloud".
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