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Communications and Implementation Meeting, Wed, June 24, 2009, Rm 3130 CS.


1. Agenda Review

2. Clarification of anything we discussed at the previous meeting.
Action: Quickly transmit message informing TP prime's that IReport and IEncrypt are effective June 1.

3. Initial invitation to the Aug 4th Forum

  • Transmit as soon after June 26 as practical?
  • Will include all future forum dates.
  • Will omit detailed agenda, as we do not yet have enough info. (Can usually provide some idea of what will be covered.)
  • Can or should we include any or all of the following very brief announcements:
    (what follows is not the actual text of the announcement)
  • How would we like to state these?


4. Final invitation to the Aug 4th Forum

  • Transmit on July 28 (one week before forum, to give folks a chance to review materials ahead of time)
  • Will include all future forum dates.
  • Will include detailed agenda after the signature, references to handouts, etc.
  • Announcements to include (see above)?

Action: Include same announcements, (add IDispose if necessary).

5. Early September edition of Computing@UW

  • Deadline? (tentatively the last week of July)
  • What might we include (if anything):
    • Announcements? (re: above)
    • Forum schedule?
    • Other initiatives we're working on?
    • Invitation to participate?


  • Regularly include a short policy update.
  • Include an occasional article, (for example, when a new policy is issued.)
  • For early Septemeber edition, have an article about IEncrypt.
    • Gary to write up talking points for IEncrypt.
    • Judy to discuss with Ron.

6. Other?

See also:


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