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  • Copyright Infringement Response Process
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Copyright Infringement Response Process

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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requires UW-Madison to respond to requests from copyright holders seeking to protect their rights to copyrighted electronic works. The volume and complexity of the required responses is increasing.

Compelling need: Copyright violations involving peer-to-peer file sharing. University policy already prohibits illegal activity. Network and privacy related IT policy might be part of an effort to reduce copyright violations


Available for formal review:

Recent documents:

Background documents:

None at this time.

See Attachments.

IT Policy Process,
IT Policy Plan

To comment on draft documents or any other aspect of IT policy, please add your comments at the bottom of the page in question, or send email to Comments are welcome on any document at any time.


Current activity:

  • Initiative completed.
    Process is in use.
    Revision as needed.
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Recent activity:


Initiative completed.


Discussions. Experience gained.


Updated Diagrams.


Included initiative in the IT Policy Plan.

Cease and Desist Flowchart

Preservation Flowchart

Presettlement Flowchart



  File Modified
JPEG File Copyright_Subpoena_Flowchart-2008-09-16.jpg 2008-09-16 Subpoena Flowchart (JPG) Oct 09, 2008 by GARY W DECLUTE
JPEG File Copyright_Presettlement_Flowchart-2008-09-16.jpg 2008-09-16 Presettlement Flowchart (JPG) Oct 09, 2008 by GARY W DECLUTE
JPEG File Copyright_Preservation_Flowchart-2008-09-16.jpg 2008-09-16 Preservation Flowchart (JPG) Oct 09, 2008 by GARY W DECLUTE
JPEG File DMCA_Cease_and_Desist_Flowchart-2008-09-16.jpg 2008-09-16 Cease and Desist Flowchart (JPG) Oct 09, 2008 by GARY W DECLUTE


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