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IT Credentials Policy

The credential policy will be an expansion of the password policy to cover multiple types of credentials. Each type of credential will have its own standard. The Password Standard is currently under revision.

Current password policy:
Current password standard:
Review and revision history:

Other documents that will be initially incorporated as Subsidiary Standards under the IT Credentials Policy:
Access Controls Services Policy and Standard (renamed and reformatted as a standard)
Guest NetID Policy (renamed and reformatted as a standard)
NetID Appropriate Use Standard (reformatted)

Drafting Team Members

Gary De CluteIT Policy Office (facilitator)Eric GieferLaw SchoolSusan DykeCybersecurity
James MendenStudent

Ed Jalinske


Kim M. MillerDoIT Communications


Recently Updated

Drafting Team Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule

  • 2019-04-25 Credential Policy DT Meeting, Thu, 2:00-3:00, Rm 2112 CS (CIO conference room)
  • Additional meetings TBD, as needed, no more than once per month
  • Credential Policy DT Meetings


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