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Temporary IT Policy Planning Team (FY 2007-2008)


Meeting agendas are attached to this page. There are no formal meeting notes because the result of each meeting was modification of the draft documents and/or draft forum agendas and content. The final versions of these are documented at: IT Policy Process, IT Policy Plan and IT Policy Forums. (Intermediate versions of the draft documents can be found among the handouts for the forums.)


The final documents (in Wiki form) are:

The documents were presented to the CIO on February 27th, 2008.

The CIO formally accepted both documents at the April 14th IT Policy Forum, and indicated that the campus would proceed with IT policy development along the lines recommended in those documents.


Work completed. Formally dissolved. (See Deliverables below.)

Team Activities:


CIO formally accepts the recommendations at the April 14th IT policy forum. Team is officially dissolved.


Presented recommendations for the IT Policy Process and IT Policy Plan to the CIO.


Included an initiative for "Policy on IT Policy" in the draft IT Policy Plan presented at the Feb 4th Forum.

12/07 and 1/08

Vetting of the IT Policy Process to a wide audiance of university management and IT staff.


Presented a draft of the IT Policy Process at the Nov 5th Forum.

9/07 and 10/07

Met several times. Decided to divide the "plan" into two parts. A IT Policy Process which recommends how policy is developed, and an IT Policy Plan that recommends specific IT policy initatives for the upcoming fiscal year.


A temporary IT Policy Planning Team is formed at the Aug 13th Forum. The goal of the team is to produce an IT policy plan to present to the CIO.


At or shortly after the first IT Policy Forum on August 13th, 2007, several people volunteered to help draft an IT policy plan to be submitted to the CIO.


Characteristics: short-term, voluntary, ad hoc.

Membership: Judy Caruso and Gary De Clute and a small group of faculty/staff from across the institution.

Goal: Draft a "Plan for IT Policy" using the input from IT Policy Forums and other discussions with UW-Madison faculty and staff. The plan should include both short-term and long-term strategies, and include both process and policy development priorities. It should include information on roles and responsibilities and institutional governance.


Bruno Browning


Bobby Burrow


Judy Caruso

CIO's Office

Monica Crawford

DoIT Middleware

Gary De Clute

CIO's Office

Steve Hahn

Graduate School

Robert Hayden


Jurgen Patau



Early on, the team decided to split the "plan" into two parts: a) long-term process recommendations and b) a development plan for the next fiscal year.

Input applicable to both documents was gathered at the August 13th and November 5th Policy Forums. The policy process recommendations were reviewed by the campus community during December and January. Input on the relative priority of possible new policy initiatives was gathered at the Feb 4th IT Policy forum.

The plan is graphically represented:

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