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  • Forum policy discussion results 2015-08
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There was one small group that discussed Web accessibility policy issues.

Question 1

WCAG 2.0 will likely be the new Section 508 standard within two years. At this time, is it reasonable to change the emphasis of campus documentation and support to match that new standard?

  • Short answer: yes.
  • Important to communicate why accessibility is important.
  • A comparison of the current Section 508 standard and WCAG 2.0 might be helpful.
  • WCAG 2.0 contains a small number of items missing from the current Section 508 standard. Examples: specify the language of the page, use the page title tag,
  • Communications strategy: focus on the need to make web sites accessible and the WCAG 2.0 standard, rather than talking about the Section 508 standard or Section 508 changes. (Could still document differences for those who want to know – several good web pages on this already exist.)

Question 2

Creating course materials is the responsibility of instructors. To what extent would it be helpful to have a separate accessibility policy or separate guidelines for course materials?

  • Short answer: separate policy probably not helpful, separate guidelines or other material might be helpful.
  • Important to communicate why accessibility is important.

Question 3

What other policy issues related to IT accessibility should we be considering?

  • Section 508 covers more than web accessibility. We need to consider the broader question of "IT accessibility".
  • 2do: The Policy Planning Team and the Accessibility Coordinating Group need to discuss this further. Maybe a joint meeting?


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