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  • Forum web development and publishing process discussion results 2015-08
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There were two small groups that discussed development and publishing process.

Question 1

How does your unit assure that web content is accessible to people with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive disabilities?

  • Wordpress templating - get the template in line first
  • Tried to catch last two years of content
  • Some professor maintained parts of sites, within main website

Question 2

What are some other practical ways a unit like yours could build accessibility into the web development and publishing process?

  • If you have a "content gatekeeper" you can filter and request content change
  • Research apps with small userbase, starting to look into accessibility, getting colorblind usable palettes, video captioning very big issue coming.
  • Would be useful to have users with disabilities help us all understand what help them use a side
  • Different workflows – full edit/publishing may leave editors to filter content and improve its accessibility
  • Try to educate users about how to make things accessible, instead of just fixing things for users
  • using technology (e.g., CMS rules/ settings) to enforce alt text requirement for images.
  • Expose the web production unit to the experience of a user using a screen reader to "view" web pages.
  • Initially, give at least one person responsibility for recognizing/pointing out elements that create accessiblity concerns. Longer term, multiple team members need to be educated about accessibility to spread the responsibility and enable accessibility awareness to be incorporated into the process organically, rather than as an "add-on" that is left to a specialist.

Question 3

What barriers do you encounter or anticipate encountering?

  • WYSIWIG editors that allow HTML editing allow for more errors and issues
  • Barriers to entry in scan tools and reporting
  • Tools can have false positives
  • Scan report percentages never reach 100%, so this is an education challenge
  • Alt text importance varies if it is decorative or requireed to comprehend the web page.
  • Email newletters are another challenge
  • when content creators send images, they don't include descriptions (needed for alt text attributes)
  • persons who are responsible for accessibility at an operational level (e.g., a web developer) don't always have the necessary authority to implement their recommendations. E.g., a PI or other superior may like a certain graphical element or animation, and will insist on not changing it.
  • Difficulty determining which images are content (requires alt text unless there is a caption), and what is purely decorative (no alt text needed). Designers and content editors aren't always aware of the distinction and why it is important (for accessibiity and other reasons).
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